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Samuel Narrates His Story In Second Episode Of Shoot Your Shot

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The second episode of Shoot Your Shot Season 2 was about Samuel, a business development manager, who looked toward starting a permanent relationship with his longtime crush, Scholar. The two met on a work project, and Samuel tried diverting his business-growing skills into his personal life with Bisola’s help to woo Scholar.

As usual, Bisola first had a chit-chat with the admirer, Samuel, who revealed that he met his crush, Scholar, during a work project and fell in love with her “good energy”, brains, and dedication to work.

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Samuel decided to shoot his shot after completing their project. He also revealed that they communicate well and even went on a movie date once, except as friends. The secret lover then brought his hopes to the Shoot Your Shot team to help upgrade their relationship to a romantic one.

After Bisola chatted with him, she introduced us to Scholar. Unsurprisingly, she had no idea who her secret admirer was.

We got the first heartbreak on Samuel’s behalf when Scholar shared that she was in a relationship counting on a year and some months. Her answer was a bit positive when asked if she might consider her secret admirer’s proposal despite her relationship status.

Scholar’s introduction to her secret admirer was in a garden decorated with colourful umbrellas, and she fell in love with the setting at first sight. In the course of her admiration, Bisola called Samuel in, and her reaction to seeing her admirer was slightly different when she realised it was Samuel. He, on the other hand, was delighted to see her.

Samuel gifted his longtime crush a bottle of wine and started the conversation with work. It then progressed to their work moments and how he got attracted to her during one of those times. The business manager decided to take things further and talked about their work chemistry. On the other hand, Scholar didn’t feel the same; he was just her work buddy, and she said she didn’t notice any attraction or romantic aura between them.

Undeterred, Samuel went deeper and expressly confessed his love for her. But, Scholar felt his attraction to her was a result of her pretty face. She asked if the business manager would still love her if she got physically maimed or handicapped, to which Samuel emphatically answered “yes.”

Despite his positive answer, Scholar dodged Samuel’s shot and said no to his proposal because she was in a committed relationship and wouldn’t want to betray her current boyfriend. In place of a romantic relationship, she offered to continue their friendship, which Samuel wasn’t completely happy about.

At the end of the episode, Samuel went home with a broken heart, while Scholar went home with her bottle of wine and with the hope that their friendship might continue.

Although Samuel’s date didn’t go as planned, we hope to see a positive response in the next episode of Shoot Your Shot season 2. Will it be a yes this time? There’s only one way to find out. Catch the second episode next Sunday, July 3, on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151) at 5:30 pm. You can also follow the conversation with the hashtag #AMShootYourShot. Visit https://www.dstv.com/africamagic/en-ng/show/shoot-your-shot for more information.

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