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Shadiest Moments On #RHOLagos Episode 3

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The third episode of the Showmax original reality show, The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos), came with the heat, and fans loved it. It was Carolyna’s turn to host the ladies, and the former actress had organised a boho-themed picnic for them to bond over, but things didn’t go as planned.

The picnic was a combination of accusations, some painful truths, and, to crown it, shady moments. Here are the top three shadiest moments in the 3rd episode of the Real Housewives of Lagos.

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Toyin’s “Carolyna likes to be naked”

The first shady moment of the episode came when Toyin saw Carolyna’s dress for the boho-themed picnic, and the fashion goddess had something to say about it. In her diary session, Toyin says, “Carolyna likes being naked”, in reaction to the actress’ gold top and high slitted skirt.

We don’t blame Carolyna. Who wouldn’t flaunt a body like that?

Laura’s reaction to Chioma’s dress

It’s no news that Laura is not happy with Chioma, thanks to the ‘friend-client’ situationship that happened in the show’s first episode. Once again, Laura had something to say about the other ladies’ reactions to Chioma. In this new episode, she mentioned how “everyone is pretending as if Chioma’s outfit is great (white dress, flowers on her red hair” with hand gestures and eyes rolling.

Iyabo Ojo – “Let’s not even talk about Laura’s sister”

Carolyna isn’t the only one with a problem with Laura’s sister, Linda Ikeji. Actress Iyabo Ojo also had something to say about how her fellow cast’s sister had hurt her with the things she published on her blog, except she didn’t say much. Judging from her “let’s not even talk about Laura’s sister”, the famous TikToker held back many things she could have said about Linda.

The drama is brewing, and there’s more in store for fans. Mariam Timmer joins the ladies from the 4th episode, this Friday, and we couldn’t be more stoked —Yasss to all the drama.

Catch the 4th episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos this Friday on Showmax. Missed the previous episode? Visit www.showmax.com to binge-watch previous episodes. You can also binge-watch other highly entertaining shows for as low as #1,200.


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