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Arteriors: Calm and Cozy with Scented Candles

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Relaxing Candle Scents

 There really are few ways to relax at home after a long stressful day. You could take a warm bath, snuggle up in bed under the warmth of a fluffy duvet, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or …. You could escape into a world dreamed up by scented aromatherapy candles. Made from a fascinating blend of essential oils with soothing fragrances, scented candles help relieve stress, provide a relaxed ambience and generally uplift one’s mood.

Create the perfect atmosphere your home deserves by burning scented aromatherapy candles to evoke the feeling of serenity and tranquility, whether alone or with your partner. In today’s article we discuss different candle scents that will help you achieve this.


A very popular aromatherapy candle scent, Lavender contains stress relieving properties that can help one relax after a hectic day. Turn on some music, cuddle up on your sofa or bed and get ready to immerse yourself into the pleasurable fragrance that Lavender scented candles provide.


Citrus scents are a delight. Fragrances like lemon or orange permeate the room with triggers of sweet summertime and freshness and are guaranteed to boost your mood probably better and faster than other scents!


Who can resist the warm and comforting smell of vanilla? Enjoyable and absolutely appealing, this fragrance doesn’t just relieve anxiety, it also gives your room a cozy ambience.

You may combine with pine to create a different kind of aroma; the type that sets you into the mood and transports you to your ideal world where calmness and peace thrives.


Say YES if menthol is your thing! Peppermint exudes a refreshing and minty sweet scent, keeping your mind, body and soul rejuvenated. Combine with eucalyptus for a more powerful effect on the nerves. Eucalyptus is also good for treating respiratory issues, acting as a nasal decongestant for blocked and stuffy nose.

Honeysuckle and Jasmine

A match made in heaven. Honeysuckle is another great fragrance for relieving anxiety and stress induced headaches. Jasmine’s scent is rich and has aromatherapy properties that help you feel happier and relaxed. This combo gives a beautiful light scent that packs a punch!

Candles and Calming Vibes!

When overwhelmed with tense and nerve wracking situations, it is sometimes the seemingly little things that help you get back to the grind. There is something especially soothing about scented candles, particularly the aromatherapy ones.

Transform your home by lighting some to exude calming vibes and great fragrances whilst also leveraging the ambience produced to soak in the enhanced coziness of your space.

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