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Friday, March 24, 2023

Third High-Altitude Airborne Object Shot Down By US Fighter Jet

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One day after the US shot down a ‘cylindrical, silverish gray’ object in the northeast arctic region of Alaska, another unidentified airborne object was shot down by the US military over northern Canada on Saturday – making it the third time in just over a week that jets were deployed to neutralize foreign craft.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command said earlier on Saturday that it had identified the high-altitude object, after which Canadian and US craft were scrambled, and a US F-22 filter jet took it down over the Yukon, according to a tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Bloomberg reports.

The object was shot down with an AIM 9X missile, the same type used to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon last week, according to the Pentagon.

Canadian forces will recover and analyze the wreckage, Trudeau also said on Saturday, adding that he spoke with US President Joe Biden.

The latest incident comes after the recent incursion of a Chinese balloon over US and Canadian territory that shone a spotlight on Beijing’s alleged surveillance programs and sparked a diplomatic standoff between the world superpowers.

The US also downed another unidentified object in Alaska Friday near the Canadian border. 

It’s unclear what the latest object is and where it originated. But the US has accused China of a years-long surveillance program in which it deployed spy balloons across the globe, a claim rejected by Beijing. 

On Friday, US officials shot down a craft that was ‘roughly the size of a car,’ and smaller than the Chinese spy balloon which was shot down last Saturday.

It was similarly taken out by a US F-22. NORAD and US Northern Command said that the US military was conducting recovery operations on Friday’s object near Deadhorse, Alaska. Meanwhile, Northern Command said that the FBI was taking custody of debris from last Sunday’s Chinese balloon.

Also on Friday, the Biden administration put six Chinese groups suspected of connections to China’s spy balloon program on the “entity list,” effectively barring them from providing China with US technology.

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