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My Path to Becoming a UK Certified Business Analyst

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By Ariyibi Busola Alice Onwuka

I am writing to express my strong desire to continue living and working in the UK, specifically in the city of Manchester.

The UK is not an alien nation for me as I have in recent time spent 2 years here, this period has taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons. The most important of them is how to survive against the odds and I have discovered the real meaning of “Hope” and “Humility”.

The UK has made sure my balance is positive on count of experiences. Some has been good, some bad and some the best all in all. It has indeed been a nice bucket of happenings. I can boldly say I owe it to the UK big time.

As the great William James said. “Be not afraid of life believe, belief that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact”. I have and still solely rely upon the UK to create the fact and I am certain the UK is going to make my long desire to becoming a certified Business Analyst happen.

From my early childhood till today, I have been very curious and innovative. My parents and teachers have always noticed me as a critical thinker who will go an extra mile to get a better perspective and knowledge about life. This helped me perform best as I would have the best strategy and plan to execute.

Being an active participant in debates and elocutions whilst in high school has helped me become a good communicator and speaker and it is without a doubt this helped me grow personally and professionally as I got the benefit of building relationship and knowledge.

Also, whilst growing up, friends and family will often ask “what do you desire to be when you grow up?” And I came up with answers like accountant, actress, engineer or a doctor as those were the major occupation of those around me.

However, I didn’t even know what it takes to be the person nor the importance of interest or passion required. Meanwhile, if someone asks me the same question today I can support my answer through years of experience in the political, corporate and entrepreneurial world and of course my interest to learn more about Business Analysis.

I have come to appreciate this as the backbone of any business and I envision myself finding a position within the same sphere of decision makers who determines the tide of the business.

Over the course of my career and life experience in Nigeria, I took on multiple roles and have experience handling responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, I emerged the Most Promising Female Entrepreneur of the year (2019) which was awarded by the Nigerian Entrepreneur Award body.

I had gone through a leadership training with Dr Linus Okorie of GOTNI before venturing into the entrepreneur world, this training empowered me into becoming a good leader.

Afterwards, I went ahead to volunteer as an event strategist with African Achievers Awards, an Award body that celebrates African excellence through recognising and honouring notable individuals. It was indeed a great experience and during this period I was able to exhibit my own analytical skills and was able to demonstrate my ability to lead and manage complex situations.

In the corporate world, during my tenure at Aquila Leasing Ltd, I was part of the team that helped the company identify growth plans to help meet their objectives. I also have experience working on technological aspect of business analysis as demonstrated by my time at Mr Taxi Ltd.

There I was responsible for managing and optimising company’s database. These experiences have made me a well-rounded analytical experience and has given me a versatile skill set that can be tailored to any company’s need.

The beauty about the UK’s work and culture is the fact that people want to see what you can do with what they have for you to do. I have a special bond with the UK and I believe it’s time to commence the journey professionally as I am committed to bringing value to the UK technology sector.

I believe that my skills and experience, combined with my strong commitment to customer’s satisfaction and continuous learning, make me well suited to contribute to the UK technology sector.

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