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The Relevance of Business Intelligence in the World of Business

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Benjamin Eze is an experienced Business Intelligence Analyst with a proven track record of working in the information technology and service industry. In this chat with MoneyCentral, he speaks on Business Analytics, Data Mining, Data analysis and visualization.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into the field of technology?

My interest in data science was first aroused by studying industrial Mathematics and statistics in university. And I carried out an academic research to evaluate the academic performance of students among state and federal secondary schools.

From the analysis, the Federal schools performed better, but most importantly, I gained insight on the factors that impacted positively and negatively on the overall outcome. I discovered how powerful data is.

With most companies generating complex volumes of data due to rapid digital transformation in recent times, I decided to pursue a career in technology to help businesses harness these big data, gain valuable insights and drive business strategy.

Can you tell us more about your area of core specialization and your achievements in this field?

My area of core specialization is in data science, with a focus on Business Intelligence, Data analysis and visualization.

I am proficient in the use of BI tools including PowerBI and Tableau, and SQL to run queries. Throughout the course of my professional life, I have amassed a vast array of expertise in various domains and earned a solid reputation as a competent IT leader.

My career has been defined by several remarkable accomplishments including serving as the data team lead in Motion view global, a fast-growing telecommunication industry which my data exploration and business analytic skill led to the expansion of the business into 2 territories. I commenced the data journey of First Rock limited and pioneered the migration of its data resources from on-premises to the cloud.

That appears to be a rewarding and demanding career. What is the relevance of Business intelligence in the world of Business today?

As I mentioned earlier, there is a rapid digital transformation in recent times, most businesses are integrating technologies into several business functions to improve productivity and increase sales. As these businesses operate online, they generate huge volumes of data which are less valuable to the company in their raw state.

Employing business intelligence to harness these data, organizations can gain insights on customer data (the age class, gender), the product data (product category, best-selling product), the demographic data (city, state, country; knowing the location that is contributing to the highest sales).

Having this information can help the business make better informed decisions.

Thank you for sharing with us. Can you tell us more about your future objectives and career projection?

I am currently working with FirstRock limited, a UK-based real estate investment company where I am focused on helping the business organize its data resources, manage, and harness it to drive business strategy.

I have a strong appreciation for enhancing business with innovative solutions to meet business requirements with less effort and greater efficiency.

So, in the longer term, I intend to collaborate with experts within the tech communities to constantly innovate and develop solutions to help organizations better manage complex business processes.

More also, I am open to exploring new projects and initiatives that align with my objectives and interests. Furthermore, I am seeking for new opportunities to engage in industry events and contribute to the broader tech community.

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