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Arteriors : Elevating Your Dining Room

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Creating Intimate Dining Rooms

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”

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Dining rooms, much like the kitchen, should be the heart of the home. A place to connect at mealtime, interact and share fond memories and experiences with family.

Despite the distractions of today’s world where meals can now be had anywhere and other family food customs forgotten, the dining room in a home should be well-maintained, with relevant traditions preserved.

Make it comfortable and inviting, improve its visual appeal and most importantly, recreate it to become the spot for intimate family connections.

Dining Room Refresh Ideas

Does your dining room require a complete makeover, basic upgrades or just some design inspiration? Grab a pen and paper and come with me as we discuss décor ideas to enhance your dining space and welcome back the art of mealtime.

  1. Stylish Seating: Create the much desired focal point with interesting table and chairs. You could use a rectangular table with a marble top and steel frames, paired with classic and timeless chair designs. Where space is a constraint, opt for circular tables instead. Give your family and guests a reason to always want to sit.

2. Statement Centerpieces: Use candle-sticks, greenery or a combination of both for a stylish look.

3. Gallery Wall: Add personality to your space by featuring a gallery wall. Family photos, works of art and other framed image prints on canvas work well, depending on your preference. Use matching frames for a cohesive look. You could also lean artwork against the wall instead of hanging them.

4. Bold Lighting: Ensure your dining space is well lit by mounting light fixtures. Use pendant lights or a simple chandelier with warm shades to provide a comfy and flattering ambience. Where possible, go for bold fixtures that could double as a work of art and draws attention.

5. Cushioned Bench: This works well in small spaces. Add throw pillows onto the bench for a snug feel and use with a round table. Be sure to purchase quality and lush fabrics that are super durable.

6. Colored Ceiling: Don’t be afraid to add some glamour. Create a statement ceiling by using bold and unexpected paint colors. Imagine how an exciting color like yellow will light up and energize the room instantly!

7. Rug up: Soften the underfoot texture with a Jute or Persian rug that complements your color and design theme. This also helps to create a “zone” if your dining room is in an open space. The rug should be in the right proportion with the dining table. Large enough to fit in all the chairs without dominating the entire space.


8. Go Green: This one is a given. Brighten up your room with gorgeous vases and other floral elements arranged in strategic locations to provide visual intrigue and added appeal.

9. Metallic Accents: Incorporate some shine and lux touch with metallic accents. Can be used in table and chair legs, tabletop accessories, decorative wall mirrors and wall art frames. Be careful not to overdo this one though.

10. Curtain Spotlight: If you are privileged to have a dining space near the window, utilize judiciously by adorning with beautiful sheer curtains, preferably light colored ones. This casts a dreamy and happy glow on your entire space.

Ready to Revamp?

You must have relived how much pleasurable it is to cook and eat at home; whether you are hosting, entertaining or just unwinding alone or with your partner.

You should therefore learn to keep your dining space refreshed by turning it into your five-star restaurant, where warm and cozy meals are served and shared. It doesn’t get better than this! What’s more…these ideas are so good and easy to implement that you do not need to hire a professional to do the job.

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