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Enjoy Most Entertaining Work Week With These TV Shows

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Most people don’t like Mondays; you’re jolted awake and reminded that you need to go back to adulting. But like Lade puts it, ‘adulthood na scam’, and most people just want to be happy. This is where entertaining shows come in.

Sometimes, all you need for a Monday not to be the worst idea ever is just some entertainment, and DStv has loads of it available, specifically for the beginning of the week. From reality shows to stories of drug-peddling families and an intriguing series, they’ve got it all covered.

Here are seven shows that will help make it easier to start your week with a bang:

1. Premier League Highlights: Who says football has to end just because the weekend is over? If watching teams go head to head is how you make yourself feel most excited, you don’t have to suffer through a football-less week. With the Premier League Catch Up show, you can catch all the best parts of the weekend’s football games on DStv Catch Up.

2. House of Dragon: HBO gave Game of Thrones fans what is arguably the biggest entertainment gift this year with House of Dragon, and DStv is making sure Nigerian viewers are not left out of the mix. The series that follows the doings of the house of Targaryen, their dragons and the fight for the Iron Throne airs every Monday express from the US on M-Net (DStv channel 115). Fans can forget about their work woes for the new week for a full hour after work from 10:30 pm, or start the week on that ‘good-show high’ when they watch at 2 am. Either way, DStv viewers will have a fantastic Monday for the next few weeks.

3. Better Call Saul: If you loved watching Breaking Bad, this is the perfect show. Better Call Saul follows amoral lawyer Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk). It shows his origin as a hustler turned law clerk and observes his mutation into a man who never met a norm he couldn’t defy, a law he couldn’t bend, or a promise he couldn’t break. The show airs every Monday at 10 pm on Me (DStv channel 115).

4. Blown Away: There’s nothing like good-natured competition to get the blood pumping for action, and that’s precisely what Blown Away does. It is a show about making art with glass between 10 glass blowers and is hosted by former Big Brother USA star Nick Uhas. Airing every Monday at 7:15 pm on History TV (DStv channel 185), the series is just what the doctor ordered if you are looking at a stressful week ahead and need a stress outlet.

5. Power Book III: Power (Book I) has been making waves for years now, but if you’ve been following the series, you’ll see that the story has completely changed from the first time we saw the drug-dealer power couple, ‘Ghost and Tasha’ into a series of spin-off stories.

Book III follows ‘Kanan’, Ghost’s former mentor turned arch-rival and sworn enemy. It takes you far away from the strong Kanan (played by 50 Cent) in book 1 to a younger Kanan and breaks down how the man became one of New York’s most terrifying drug lords. The new third season of Raising Kanan airs every Tuesday at 11 pm on 1Magic (DStv channel 119).

6. BBNaija Level Up: The seventh season of Big Brother Naija is now halfway done, and the house drama is heating up daily. The housemates are giving premium entertainment, but even Big Brother is turning the heat up with constant twists and new add-ons. Despite the show’s unpredictability, one thing viewers can count on is the weekly head-of-house games. If watching people compete gives you the correct dose of adrenaline, then tuning in to DStv channel 198 every Monday at 6 pm is just what you need.

7. Judging Matters: Mondays are a weekly reminder of ‘Problem e no dey finish’, but it’s easier to get over your issues when you laugh about other people’s. Judging matters gives you precisely that kind of release as Justice Olusola and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu work together to solve real-life minor disputes. The show is as educational as it is hilarious and is available for viewing every Monday at 6 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151).

All these and a host of other content are available on DStv. You can enjoy these shows by downloading the MyDStv app to subscribe, upgrade, or set up Auto-Renewal to stay connected without interruptions. For more information, visit www.DStv.com. or dial *288# for self-service options.

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