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Gift Ideas For Home Décor Lovers

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Tis the Season of Gifts

The season of love is upon us again and it’s such a beautiful time to appreciate those whom we have a special bond with.

Are you thinking of the perfect gift for your home décor lover partner/friend or you just want to treat that true buddy to a thoughtful gift that would help them love their space even more than they already do?

Whatever the subtleties are, pick any of the gift options we have here and you are sure to please. Of course, who says you cannot get one or two of the items for yourself or at the very least, place them in your shopping wish list for later!

Scented Candles

We all love scented candles don’t we? They particularly make a worthy selection due to their aromatherapy properties. Scented candles evoke a positive mood as well as a general sense of pleasure and relaxed ambience.

They complement one’s interior and enhances the allure. What’s more, you can get lovely smelling candles at very affordable prices.

Absolute Fave: Aromatherapy scented candles from @gift.ville

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another great gift idea for a loved one. They are so versatile – can be used on beds, couches, as part of a console table décor or lined up on the floor/rug. They also make lovely accents and are portable so do not have to be dedicated to a shelf space for weeks on end.

Go for colorful patterns and bold prints that showcase enough personality when used. You could also personalize them with words of your choice.

Absolute Fave: Customized Throw pillows from @pillowtalk9ja

Décor Books

Faux books fit very well at every corner of the home. They are also stylish and add a touch of elegance to interiors when used for display. They are usually placed on floating shelves, coffee tables and console tables to create a modern and contemporary feel.

Absolute Fave: Faux Books from @marins_interiors.ng

Mug Warmer

If your gift recipient is a tea or coffee connoisseur, especially one that either drinks same over several hours or just likes it to be consistently hot, then you would be doing him/her a world of good by getting a mug warmer.

Warmers come in various sizes and designs but generally it’s a set consisting of at least one mug and a heated coaster that keeps liquid warm for some hours. They are also sleek with a minimalist aesthetic.

Absolute Fave: Thermostatic Mug Warmer from @gifted_souvenir

Cosmetics Organizer

Being organized can save one a ton of time and stress. A cosmetics organizer helps to keep products neat and tidy as well as makes it easier to find when one needs them.

I mostly love the desktop type as it saves dresser space and its multifunctional layout means it can also be used in other ways such as a bathroom storage or even for office desk stationery.

Absolute Fave: Rotating Cosmetic Organizer from @gifted_souvenir

Digital Weight Scale

Have your décor lovers track their weight and wellbeing in style with a personal digital weight scale. The modern ones have an ultrathin design and come with a lot of features including checks for Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage with functionalities such as USB charging. A great addition to any home, if you ask me.

Absolute Fave: Rechargeable USB Tempered Glass Digital Weight Scale from @gift.ville

Bedside Lamps

Desk/bedside lamps give bedrooms a dreamy vibe. Your loved ones deserve some artful lighting to help create the perfect ambience for that cozy night read or unwind mood. There are a lot of cool and gorgeous lamps like the 3D Acrylic LED Night lamps that can also serve as décor artefacts for a space.

Absolute Fave: 3D LED Illusion Acrylic Lamps from @gift.ville

Art Work/Picture Frames

Our list would not be complete without an art work/picture frame in there now, would it? Art works or frames make an amazing gift for just about anyone.

Few gifts are more memorable than art and it’s such a brilliant way of showing how special someone means to you.

Think of their unique personality, passion or favorite colors as clues to finding the one they would love the most. Also consider their wall/shelf space to guide on the size of the art work/frame and where it will be displayed.

Absolute Fave: Off-The-Shelf Frames from @oludidit

Aim to Please

Discover beautiful and unique gift ideas this season for your home décor lovers, family and loved ones that are not only thoughtful but also create fantastic memories sure to reinforce the bonds you have with them. Do check out some of them and more from Instagram handles @gift.ville, @gifted_souvenir, @marins_interiors.ng, @gifted_souvenir, and @oludidit.

N.B: Images displayed are for ideas only.  

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