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Must-Have Home Interior Essentials

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BY STELLA CHIBUIKE-EZIKE, Director, Arteriors By Ella

Stylish Basics? Yes!

So, we all love to fill our homes with interesting décor pieces, exciting accents and statement artefacts. Well, let me speak for myself and say yes, I am as guilty as sin on this one! That patterned accent chair, the luxury wall art, the decorative mirror, you name it! But then there are also some essential home items that we use on a regular basis and that help ensure our home is functional, ready to serve us at any time.

We should make a habit of sourcing these “not-so exciting” items as they keep our home organized and make our spaces feel more put together. We could also get chicer versions of our home essentials that could indeed add to the overall aesthetic. So, let’s take a look at some of these accessories and items that make our world home go round.

Stylish Storage

Small or big spaces, we all could do with loads of storage solutions. Every room in the home need these for an organized and clutter –free look. If you already have cabinets installed in the kitchen, you could also use other clever storage ideas like labelled jars/canisters and pull out pantries.

Drop some cute harbor baskets in the laundry room, bathroom and living room and use them to store anything from dirty clothes to bathroom accessories, or even the kids’ toys!

Elegant Tableware

It feels so pretty having to serve food and/or set a dining table with matching serving dishes, glassware, cutlery, etc., especially when you are having guests over. Beyond its practical purpose, tableware helps to ease one into the right mood and adds color to the overall dining experience.

Do not forget to include other accessories like serviettes, napkins, water jugs and coasters. What’s more…There are a lot of cool and trendy tableware at great, affordable prices. Start investing for that elegant table; both for everyday dining and for special occasions.

Decorative Trays

Another beautiful yet functional home item. Decorative trays easily enhance your space and they can be used practically everywhere in your home. They come in different shapes or sizes and are made from metal, wood, acrylic or glass to suit your style and preference. Ottoman trays double as a décor piece and as a lap tray while eating and relaxing in the living room.

Vanity trays look great in the bedroom and are perfect for storing small items on the dressing table. Acrylic trays can be used for serving drinks and food and some come with a cover, which works well for cakes and platters. You could also place at console tables, bathroom counter tops and use as a centerpiece.

Table Clocks

Want to keep running on time without having to keep looking at your mobile phone? Then invest in a table/desk clock! They are amazing for functional accent décor pieces and infuse a distinct and appealing style into your home! Go for one with a unique frame or vintage allure and give your space instant depth.

Place in your bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, bathroom and just about any space in your home.

Home Fragrance

Create scented stories and fragrance impressions with enticing, sweet scents that boost the mood, refresh the scene and bring a personal touch. Whether alone or with family and friends, make your home smell awesome always with a cozy candle delight or a warm and inviting mist diffuser layered with your favorite essential oil.

Having a home scent is a very easy hack to stimulating the perfect ambience and turning a house into a home.

Basic – Yes, Boring – No!

Who says basic equals boring? The knack to always create functional, yet aesthetically pleasing spaces is a great way to keep enhancing your homes on a friendly budget. Take the aesthetics of your spaces a notch higher and liven them up with these simple items that help make your home comfy, cozy, and most importantly, expedient.

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