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Arteriors By Ella: Lighting Up Your Space

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     BY STELLA CHIBUIKE-EZIKE, Director, Arteriors By Ella

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The Art of Lighting

Whether in the living room, the hallway, the kitchen or outdoors, lighting plays a huge role in interior design and provides a special sort of radiance in a space.

Lighting serves as an illuminating as well as an aesthetic element and so plays the dual role of functionality and visual appeal. Lighting also has a way of setting a room’s ambience and can significantly impact one’s mood and general feelings about a space.

This is why it is important to set up an appropriate lighting scheme, bearing in mind the various lighting requirements necessary for creating the desired charming effect, whilst retaining the practical use, either for work or relaxation.

It is therefore crucial to not only understand the lighting requirements of your space, but also have a carefully laid out plan that speaks to the strategic positioning of each lighting fixture so as to ensure you deliver a perfectly designed lighting scheme.

Three basic types of lighting requirements are necessary to create your desired lighting structure. You also need to know the various lighting fixtures that match the lighting requirement in mind and how to utilize them effectively.

These are discussed below:

Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting. As the name implies, it is the lighting that provides the general illumination required in a space. Enough to cover the entire space for basic functions such as moving from point A to point B comfortably.

Ambient lighting is also used to create a relaxing environment or set the mood of a room. Fixtures for creating ambient lighting include Chandeliers, Recessed and Ceiling Lights. Chandeliers work beautifully well with tall ceilings and are commonly used in large living or dining rooms. Ceiling lights are great in rooms with low ceilings. You may also use them in hallways and bedrooms. There are plenty of options to go for – from vintage to contemporary to outright decorative!

Recessed lights are also ideal for low ceilings. They offer a clean, sleek look in an unobtrusive, yet stylish way.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is designed to help achieve a task. They are lighting fixtures installed specifically with “to-dos” in mind.

These could range from reading to cooking to studying and working. Due to the specificity of its function, task lights need to be bright enough for its purpose and not cause eye strain. It could also be installed in a way that allows for lighting adjustment of the specific area being covered. This also means that they serve as a contrasting light to the ambient lighting installed in the space.

Great sources of task lighting are table and desk lamps as they provide illumination for the designated work area. Pendant light fixtures can also be used to create task lighting. They are lone light fixtures, usually suspended from the ceiling by a metal cord or chain.

Pendant lights work well in kitchens and are sometimes mounted in multiples, hung in a straight line.

Accent Lighting

Typically used for accentuating and emphasizing design features and elements, Accent lighting adds dimension and drama to your lighting setup by building on the ambient lights to create focus on a décor piece, such as an artwork, or particular section of a wall, enhancing its color or texture, for example, fireplaces or other architectural artefacts.

True to its name, accent lighting should project much more illumination than the general lighting in the room so as to create the desired effect. Wall light fixtures present a perfect option for accent lighting. They are beautiful for highlighting the architectural designs of a space and come in various shapes and designs.

Recessed lights are also great for accent lighting.

Depending on the way they are positioned, they could be used to highlight furniture or a section of a wall. Be sure to position the light sources close to the objects of focus and choose colors that provide a strong contrast with these highlighted fixtures.

Lighten Up

Lighting is an essential part of our everyday lives, functioning both as a core element of any space as well as an excellent way of adding depth to your home décor.

Lighting accessories, when properly positioned, enhances the details of a room and adorns same, especially when used for display purposes. Without adequate lighting, you are unable to completely experience the design of a home, nor fully comprehend the splendor of the design elements as well as décor choices.

Be it the floors, furniture, walls and even curtains, a well-lit space, with all three types of lighting incorporated, has the ability to enhance these design elements and exquisitely transform the entire space, bringing it to life in the most elegant manner.

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