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Arteriors : Inspiring Children’s Spaces

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Children’s “At Home” Corner

Children need their own space in the home as much as adults do. Just as we have different rooms serving varying purposes, our kids also need their corners to explore and interact with their books, toys, games, friends and generally have some alone time when necessary.

This helps them to engage in more purposeful and meaningful ways, thereby curating wonderful memories through the experiences built and lived over time. Our article today focuses on factors to consider when creating a children’s zone in the home that would be effective and impactful.

The Space

The space’s location needs to be carefully thought through based on one’s personal nuances and the apartment’s size. This helps to plan accordingly especially where size is a major consideration.

Some people prefer situating a dedicated children’s zone in the home while others may enjoy having them in various corners of the house with the aim of creating locations that appeal to both children and adults. Whatever rocks your boat, be sure to get things going with the much-needed punch required to achieve the desired results.

The Organization

The space should be organized in a way that looks warm, inviting and stimulates exploration. Neat and orderly with sections clearly outlined. Where shelves are used, let items be easily accessible by the kids. Books, toys, painting pieces and other creative materials should occupy different compartments. Remember to include a workspace area for activities like drawing, paper crafting, dough crafting, etc.

You could also employ zoning to divide the play spaces. I talked about how to use sheers for this and for creating canopy beds/tents in my last article – More with sheer curtains.  In summary, the entire organization should be structured in a way that caters for using the space and storing items both when they are in use and when they are not.

The Color

Oh yes, Colors! There are tons of options to choose from when deciding colors and patterns. Colors, as suggested by psychological studies, can influence mood, behavior, and learning. Red is powerful, attention grabbing and creates excitement. Yellow encourages creativity. Green symbolizes nature.

Orange is like red and triggers energy. Blue evokes calmness and serenity. White can be great for older kids. Choose something that the children would love whilst noting that excessive use of bright colors may detract from a nurturing environment.

The Decor

 The décor and color should complement each other to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

A colored couch with a table and chair for their reading pleasure, lovely, patterned and/or themed floor mat for active playtime, imaginative wall decals to add some character to the space and framed art works for creating beautiful memories should work.

You could also add a whiteboard for their scribbling/writing activities. Where possible, use wooden floors and curtains for a chic look.

The Storage

A great way to avoid clutter is to have the space packed with plenty of storage that are easily accessible. Floating shelves, cupboards, drawers, and woven baskets would keep books, toys, games, paint materials, etc. neatly stored away.

Be sure to have the storage furniture and pieces complement your décor beautifully. However, one thing to note is that you may never really get enough of storage as children have so many play items. And so, as much as possible, ensure to keep reviewing items that are still relevant to the children per time.

You could also rotate the items, so that they are not exposed to all the toys, books, games at once. This strategy helps to keep things interesting and allows for more efficient use of storage space.

Space to Learn, Play and Grow

It’s important to pay attention to creating inspiring yet functional spaces for our kids at home where they can learn, play and generally thrive whilst having fun. Not only does this practice do a world of good to the kids, but it also creates an avenue for mutual learning and a flourishing relationship between them and the adults in their lives.

They also get to explore their creative abilities and discover themselves in their own unique way. Good news is that you do not need a lot of space for this; no matter the size of your home, dedicating a few square meters of same and applying the ideas above should do the trick.

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