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Biden Confirms Reports that Hamas Beheaded Israeli Children

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US President Joe Biden confirms reports that Hamas terrorists beheaded Israeli children in its surprise onslaught over the weekend.

“It is important for Americans to see what is happening. I have been doing this for a long time. I never thought that I would see… have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children,” Biden says during remarks to US Jewish community leaders at a White House roundtable.

“Downplaying Hamas’s atrocities and blaming the Jewish people is unthinkable,” the president adds.

He goes on to note that despite the very trying times facing Israel and the Jewish community, “there are countries trying to help — including Arab nations.

He is perhaps referring to countries like the United Arab Emirates as just before stopping by the roundtable, Biden held a call with UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed.

The two spoke about the terrorist attacks on Israel and Biden stressed his condemnation of Hamas while “warning against anyone who might seek to exploit the current situation,” according to the White House readout. “The two leaders also discussed the importance of ensuring humanitarian assistance reaches those in need.”

Back at the roundtable, Biden is asked by one of the Jewish community leaders where he draws his strength from during such trying times.

“My faith. It’s not about revenge. It’s basic decency. I know we can overcome this. If we persevere, we can grow,” he responds.

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