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Arteriors : Infusing Cohesion and Flow into Décor

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   BY STELLA CHIBUIKE-EZIKE, Director, Arteriors By Ella

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Creating a Cohesive Décor Flow

One vital consideration to make when decorating a home is how the entire décor flows throughout and connects with the various elements of the house. This is necessary because you want to create that visual harmony and feeling of interconnectedness as you walk through the rooms, doorway entrances and hallways.

Creating a cohesive flow is all about envisioning the entire space, compartmentalizing same by grouping into the various functions (living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen etc.) and ensuring each space and its décor elements complements the other to produce a euphonious look as well as adds an extra layer of beauty and sophistication to the overall décor impression.

This seemingly effortless décor principle could be a tad tricky to achieve; especially because you want to create a sense of flow and coordination in the entire home whilst still trying to elevate the unique identity of each space as you move from one room to the other.

Bear in mind that a certain degree of cohesion could also appear unexciting and lackluster and so you want to ensure your décor choices are well balanced out such that it doesn’t affect personal styles and preferences such as in the use of colors and themes and at the same isn’t too boring.

I will be sharing three tips to achieving the foregoing objective.

Unify Structural Elements

Floors, ceilings, door casings, wall skirting boards, etc. are all effective ways of providing cohesive yet stylish finishing to a space. Pay attention to details such as using same flooring as this presents consistency and alignment, vital to cohesiveness.

Whether the floor is tiled or laced with carpets, be sure to go for same or similar tone to achieve that unifying theme. This is particularly important for smaller spaces where the perception of disjointedness can be readily noticed.

Similarly, interior trims also provide visual harmony whether in small or large spaces. Door casings are those trims found around a door used to conceal the space between a wall and the door.

Skirting boards on the other hand are mouldings at the base of an interior wall that covers the joint between the wall surface and the floor.

They both provide functional and aesthetic appeal to a space and help to accentuate walls and floors beautifully. Using identical door casing and skirting boards create the feeling of consistency and a unified visual transition at the junction of walls and floors.

Create a Color Theme

Maximize the feeling of unity by using a blend of colors that improve visual harmony and the sense of connectedness. This is not about going monochromatic alone. You also need to be able to achieve cohesiveness without being boring.

One interesting way to do this is by using different tones of the same color. White, for example, could be combined with other shades such as beige and ivory to still create that elegant appeal.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you may also consider using other bolder, brighter colors depending on your preference as long as they work well together.

However, I would recommend not using too many colors so as not to lose the flow and where a color variation exists such as the children’s room, other similar elements of the design and décor (floors, trims, furniture work, etc.) should still come together to create the much needed cohesion.

And of course…accent colors can also be used to create a perfect contrast and infuse visual interest as necessary.

Accessorize with Similar Elements

Another brilliant way to achieve cohesion is by accessorizing using the same or similar elements across your entire space. Various elements of furnishings can be used to create flow and there really are a wide range to choose from depending on what style makes you tick.

If you are a lover of wood art, you can use similar and matching wood tones for items like TV Stand, wardrobe, coffee table, wall décor etc. Other same style elements that can be used throughout to elevate visual harmony and connectedness include light fittings, window coverings, light switch covers, furniture handles, etc.

The idea is to create flow by matching furnishings and other accessories.

Why This Matters

Visual harmony and design unity are the two major components for infusing cohesion into interior design. Visual harmony is that sense and feeling of connectedness of all design elements, complementing one another beautifully whilst also standing out as distinct individual elements. Unity refers to the repeated use of specific items with the aim of creating consistency. These principles, when incorporated into design and décor play a key role in delivering aesthetically pleasing interiors.

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