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Living Room: Seating & Arrangement Ideas

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Living Room Seating Options

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Seating furniture – sofas, settees, armchairs etc. are undoubtedly the focal point of any living room space. They serve as relaxation spots, mini hangout area with friends and family or a place to generally unwind after a long hectic day.

In today’s article, we will be looking at a number of elegant and trendy seating options to amplify your space’s décor. We also will be seeing some good seating arrangements and layouts that offer an optimal use of available space. Grab a chair then, will you and let’s begin?

Seating Ideas

  1. Sofa: Indeed, no home is complete without a sofa. What’s more, they come in various shapes and styles with plenty of fabric and customization choices to make. To create a formal look, choose a sofa with an upright back and fine details. For an informal setting, go for low rise reclining sofas, perfect for binge watching.
  2. Settee: Very similar to a sofa but smaller and slimmer. Great for small living room spaces or when you have an empty corner to fill. Also a delight when used to complement a sofa set. You can choose an upholstery that accentuates your living room’s décor theme or throw in some colorful pillows to achieve same.
  3. Accent Chair: A fun way to add contrast and spice up your living room. Use a maximum of two accent chairs. Adorn in bright colors that complement your décor for a bold statement style.
  4. Ottoman: A great multipurpose addition to your living room. Serves as a seating option, a storage space, a coffee table and a furniture item that can be moved around and utilized in any part of the home. An excellent choice, if you ask me.
  5. Stool: Another versatile option with endless possibilities. In addition to the extra seating it provides, put your stool to better use by making it colorful and stylish. Could also serve as a work of art on display or a splash of luxury.

Seating Arrangements

  1. Scale: Pay heed to scale and symmetry when arranging your living room seating layout. You want to ensure dimensions are proportionate to the available space for leg room and circulation. This provides orderliness; A pleasant sight to the eyes. You can achieve this by employing the two-thirds rule. The entire seating shouldn’t exceed two thirds of the room’s size. Remember to include the armrests and other furniture items like the coffee table when measuring.

2. Functionality: Consider the foremost use of the living room. If it will be used for entertaining guests mainly, then arrange the sofas and settees to face one another. If it is an open plan space, go for sectional sofas as they help to delineate the living room from other areas such as the dining.

3. Focal Point: Give your living room a sense of direction. Create a focus and let the main seating be directed towards that view such that it is outlined as the tangent of attraction. It could be a bold TV stand, a Feature wall or even a home library, depending on the setting you want to achieve.

4. Curves: Curvaceous seating designs are such a delight to behold. They introduce luxury and amplify visual appeal effortlessly. Curves do great in any living room space and can be incorporated in a variety of ways. You could have a sofa with a pair of curved armchairs or one curved settee placed at the corner for those juicy conversations. Curved sofas are stylish and are also a great statement piece for an added touch of elegance.

5. Mix and Match: Where possible, provide an assortment of seating options that caters to varying levels of guests and formality. Combine a curved armchair, a sofa set, two accent chairs, an ottoman and possibly a fashionable stool or two to create a well-balanced living room seating perfect for a family reunion, a night in with friends or a love nest setting. You may use similar colors for some of the seating types to deliver harmony in a beautiful way.

Maximizing Living Room Seating

Good living room seating ideas ensures living room space is well utilized irrespective of its shape or form. It helps enhance the layout of your space and creates the desired ambience – cozy, relaxed, sophisticated, modern or formal. Whatever vibe you want to elicit, be inspired by our round up of seating options and arrangements that suits every style and preference.


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