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The Evercare Group Recognized with ‘Outstanding Organization Award’ at Health 2.0 Conference

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The Evercare Group has been recognized with the Outstanding Organization Award at the Health 2.0 Conference 16-18th December, Dubai.

The Evercare Group manages an integrated healthcare platform over five countries in Southeast Asia and Africa comprising 31 hospitals, 16 clinics and 93 diagnostic centers and two health colleges, serving a population of 4.1 million people.

This award gives recognition to the Group’s achievements since inheriting the platform in 2019. Over this short period, Evercare/TPG has transformed the organization strategically, operationally and in terms of clinical practice.

At the same time, the healthcare facility portfolio has shown healthy and sustainable growth, as the Group pursues its mission to provide accessible healthcare to all.

“We are honored to be recognized in this way by our industry peers and the Health 2.0 community. As an impact-driven organization, we are we are committed to delivering accessible, quality healthcare and an outstanding patient experience, for all.” said Mr. Massimiliano Colella, Chief Executive Officer, The Evercare Group.

“Every day 12,000 Evercare staff – our “caregivers” – deliver on our mission to positively impact our patients, and the local communities in which we operate.”

Following the Group’s sizable investments in recent years across Southeast Asia, Evercare Group aims to equally expand their footprint in Africa by building an Africa-centric healthcare platform designed to deliver improved quality of care.

The Group will continue to steer its investment towards full continuum of primary to tertiary care as well as across specialty care, medical talent, integrated clinical corridors, affordability, management services and digital transformation.

The Evercare Group operates as an integrated healthcare delivery platform in emerging markets across Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Evercare is wholly owned by the Evercare Health Fund, a US $1bn emerging markets healthcare fund managed by TPG and backed by its global impact investing platform the Rise Fund.

The Evercare Health Fund is comprised of the world’s leading impact investors and global development finance institutions. www.evercaregroup.com

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