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U.S Elections: Trump Set for Historic Upset, What it Means for Nigeria

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Despite many polls showing the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead, MoneyCentral forecasts a historic Donald Trump win.

Our forecast is based on underlying enthusiasm gaps between Trump and Biden as well as the hidden Trump voter in the crucial Midwest of the U.S.A.

A win for Trump means more favorable policies towards the American oil and gas industry which would enable the fracking industry to continue to pump out millions of barrels of oil a day.

For Nigeria it would be bitter sweet as Trump is not keen on renewable energy which is good for the medium term for oil producers.

The push to enable fracking in the U.S will however have some impact on pushing oil prices lower.

A continued stimulus by the U.S Federal Reserve should also continue to lift the global economy, commodities and risk assets of which Nigeria should be a beneficiary.

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