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Operations Manager Gives Insight into Glo-ran Hotel and Events Place

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By Saby Elemba, Owerri

It is difficult for people who have lodged into Glo-ran Hotel and  Event Place, located at plot H/1 industrial layout by SUBEB junction, off Port Harcourt road , Owerri,  Imo State, it is a hotel where beauty is merged with class and quality,  with luxury accommodations.

Glo-ran Hotel and Event Place provides  comfortable, clean and facilities for family vacations reunion,  parties, corporate retreats, weddings, sporting and leisure facilities etc,  and guests and customers of the hotel always would remember the blend of exotic cuisine and foods,  a flavour that has been perfected since the hotel started its operations.

Glo-ran Hotel and Event Place,  according to Adaeze Okafor,  the Operations manager and a seasoned hospitality and leisure consultant, Glo-ran Hotel and Event Place  ” is not only hotel but hospitality with a divine presence “,  a hotel apart from other things enlivens the body and soul of any guest,  boasts of a special swimming pool and difficult to  find its equals  in Owerri.

The swimming  pool covers eight plots of land and boasts of  facilities such  as, Snooker, karaoke, pool bar, VIP lounge,  basketball court,  soccer game and squash court.  Others  are lawn tennis court, live band and comedy, free poolside birthday party , free swimming for kids,  and ladies, fantastic stage for shows  and events.

At the pool side,  there are shawarma spots,  ice cream spots,  sweet popcorn , isi ewu, nkwobi and ugba (oil bean salad), as well as all kinds of pepper soup, point and kill and barbecue. The gym has a capacity of 50 users.

Glo-ran Hotel and Events Place, she said has 83 fully furnished rooms and equipped with modern internet facilities, even the rooms are classified.

According to  classifications , the Glo-ran Deluxe room is equipped with a bed which measures 6×6, and has dryers, a safe box where  a guest can put all valuables, money, passport etc. and he only holds the key.  It has a reading lamp apart from the one at the table side, an alarm clock for wake up calls and the guests set a time of their choice.

There is also the Deluxe Room which contains all the things that are in the Glo- ran Deluxe.  But the Diamond Room has a mini bar where all drinks and juices are kept. There is also the Contemporary Suite which has a room and a sitting room, the Operations manager, said.

According to her, a lodger in the Contemporary Room is entitled to a barbeque and a bottle of wine every day till he checks out.

There is also the Cozy Deluxe Room which contains the jacuzzi, even though it is a single room, it has a Jacuzzi bath. The hotel has, according to rooms classification, a Presidential Suite where there is a steam bath, a Jacuzzi with a centre parlour.

There is also the Twin Deught Room.

The cuisine has three sections she said is very spacious, fitted with every equipment and all imported. The cuisine is well regulated and the kitchen sets at the temperature of the user’s choice. According to Adaeze, “the staff in the kitchen are medically diagnosed, and all adorned with white cooking attire.”

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