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Kaduna Residents Blame Economic Crisis, Rising Insecurity On Poor Leadership

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Kaduna residents have blamed the current economic hardship and the rising insecurity in the country on poor leadership, saying that in Nigeria today, the sector has become an epitome of all forms of corruption, which according to them has encouraged insecurity and rising the poverty level amongst the citizens.

This is just as they said, mediocrity, tribalism, favouritism, partisanship, and the corrupt process of recruitment have greatly undermined the development of the country despite her human and material resources that are critical for national development and advancement.

In an exclusive phone interview with Money Central, Bako Abdul Usman disclosed that Nigerian masses are victims of poor leadership, adding that the level of corruption is overwhelming and the body language of government at all levels is not pointing that they have the political will to arrest the situation. ”

Government must put in place policies, programs and services that help
galvanise development at all levels, engender economic progress and increase trust and connection between the government and its people,” he said.

While speaking, Usman, who is a Right activist described the body language of the government towards engaging her citizens on meaningful projects that may have direct bearing in alleviating their poverty, stressing that many Nigerians are currently living from hand to mouth, which according to him is not good for the economy of the country.

” It is obvious that people are living in abject poverty due to massive corruption in the public sector and poor leadership in the country. We are heading to total collapse in this country. If one should put the level of corruption in this country into percentage, I can confidently say that it is over 100 per cent. No value for merit any longer, bigotry, religious sentiment are the order of the day in the country,” he emphasized.

Also speaking, Joseph Ojonugwa Odeh who frowned at the foundation of the country, said that the system is entirely corrupt, just as he added that poor leadership has greatly impacted on the bad governance that is bedeviling the country.

Odeh who operates a barbing salon within Kaduna metropolis added that he operates his shop on generator at most of the times due to unstable power supply, which according to him is caused by poor leadership, urging the religious leadership to help the situation in sensitizing members of the public on how to choose the right choice as leaders without any form of nepotism as the country is approaching 2023, a year for another round of elections.

He also attributed the rising insecurity in the country to a lack of jobs for the youths. ” The corruption in the country has eaten so deep into both the private and public sectors, giving birth to an economic crisis and insecurity that is threatening the oneness and unity of the country. The corruption in the country is a mindset and that is the reason why the religious leaders must rise to ensure that the narratives are changed for good,” Odeh said.

A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, there is a serious issue of poverty and deprivation amongst Nigerians, which he blames on poor leadership.

The resident who is a retired civil servant, opined that giving out palliatives to the people to cushion the effect of the economic hardship by the government can only solve immediate problem of the people, advising that one of the solutions to solve the economic crisis is for government to put a mechanism that would encourage small scale entrepreneurship, which he said, would solve the long term problem of poverty in that regard.

“so, it is in line with what I’ve earlier said in creating jobs to the teaming population not to give people palliative or give employment to people that will add more to the recurrent expenditure. But to create factories will in turn create jobs in the real sector of the economy, not in creating agencies that will move money away to where it is not needed. We need to really invest in job creation,” the advised.

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