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Voice Note That Led To Deborah Samuel Being Killed For Blasphemy

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The purported reason Deborah Samuel, the female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto was killed and her body burnt by a mob today has been revealed.

According to Twitter users, Deborah had shared a voice note on her class Whatsapp group in which she challenged her colleagues who were posting religious information there.

She spoke in Hausa, however, according to a Twitter user who did the translation, Deborah was quoted to have said;

“Holy Ghost Fire, nothing’s going to happen to me, you should know what to be sending to this group, it’s not that the group was created to be sending nonsense, the group was created for posting things like, test assignment e.t.c. not the nonsense you are posting, no be only prophet, you are coming to play on me.” The nonsense she referred to is the religious posts.”

Her comments were said to have irked some of her colleagues who felt she disrespected Prophet Mohammed, and threatened to deal with her. When the tension was high, the school authorities took her to the security room to give her some protection. However, the enraged students overpowered the security officers, dragged Deborah out, and beat her until she died before setting her corpse on fire.

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  1. When we Label islamic Religion as violent oriented many people will disagree, killing your friend because you think she spoke against your religion. You see nothing wrong with that. I can’t really tell if the Quran actually advises them to attack anybody that speaks against the islamic Religion, even if the Quran teaches that can’t we use our own intelligence to what is good and what is not. You think killing someone for your supposed blasphemy is good. The only option you have is violence. What nonsense is this.


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