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Arteriors : Must-Have Decor Furniture For Your Home

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Furniture as a Décor Tool

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 Furniture is crucial in interior design and decoration. They can be used in diverse ways depending on one’s style and preference.

Beyond their functional use, they also serve as an efficient tool for creating structure around a space, and projecting comfort, personality as well as an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Because furniture can be used to express unique tastes and signature styles, you would find that the right furniture is the one that embodies the specific needs for the space in which it has been placed, be it for expediency, embellishment, or practicality.

In essence, furniture choices vary with the home owner’s inclination and reflects their perception of how a room should look, feel and function.

There are however certain must-have décor furniture pieces that should be in every home, irrespective of the foregoing narrative. And this is the focus for the week’s article.

Classic Console Table

Nothing beats a vintage styled console table; No? Placed at the entry, hallway, living room, bedroom, etc. console tables are very versatile, serving varying purposes.

Decide which room you would like to place it in and what you will place on it – e.g. a lamp, a vase, a framed photo, etc. above it – e.g. a decorative mirror and under it – e.g. throw pillows, décor books, storage baskets, etc. to achieve the desired visual effect.

When designed with drawers, it also functions as a storage space, making it a more valuable piece of décor furniture to own.

Accent Chair

Accent chairs play a functional and aesthetic role in spaces, providing added style and seating comfort. They also come in varying designs, each with its own distinct look and purpose.

Accent chairs could be presented as upholstered arm chairs or as lounge chairs which offers relaxation with a reclining posture or even as wingback chairs for a classic appeal.

Major considerations when getting an accent chair include chair design and color as you want it to complement the overall design pattern of the room.

Multipurpose Shelf

Probably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture any space could have, a multipurpose shelf is as the name implies – adaptable for multiuse and a perfect space saver.

Use for organizing your items, displaying décor pieces, storing personal effects, etc. These shelves fit almost anywhere in the home – living room, bedroom, study, bathroom and could also be improvised to hang on walls in smaller spaces.

Table & Chair for Two

Enhance your style with a pretty table for two. Create a personal getaway corner, a romantic zone or an isolated recharge area for you and the Mr./Missus. Place in the bedroom, balcony, kitchen or study. It could also serve as a cute dining area for early morning coffee and toast.



Yet another beautiful furniture piece, Ottomans make a very classy addition to the home. Can be used to augment the living room sofa, and also as a footstool to place the feet. Some are designed to have hollows for storage space. Ottomans are typically used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Inspiration with Must-Have Furniture Pieces

Furniture serves as the backbone of any interior design, as it is the dominant feature in a space. Creating that balance between style and functionality is key to choosing the right furniture choices.

While design styles could differ based on age and individual preferences, these décor furniture pieces are a must-have in every home, in order to achieve a practical, avant-garde look and feel.

About Arteriors By Ella

Hi! I’m Stella, Director, Arteriors By Ella. I am an interior decorator by passion and a picture perfect planner & organizer. Arteriors By Ella is the vehicle through which I feed my penchant for delivering elegant, sophisticated and inspiring interiors with memorable experiences.

Arteriors By Ella is an Interior Design and Decoration outfit primarily focused on helping clients create lasting impressions in their home spaces.

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