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‘Drunk’ Santas Driving Tank To UK Pub Cause Chaos

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A group of ‘drunk’ Santas tried to navigate a large tank through a tiny Cornish village and got stuck, blocking street access to residents and festive revelers.

Local English newspaper The Cornishman said the tank got stuck in a narrow street of Angarrack in Cornwall, and residents fumed at the drunken Santas for their lousy driving of a vintage armored personnel carrier.

One traffic warden can be heard telling them off and insisting they can go no further. “You cannot come in with your tank. There are cars parked there,” she told the Santa tank driver, pointing towards the centre of the village. “You are not going to get through.”

One of the Santas – not the driver – tries to argue but is visibly too drunk, while the driver then argues with the traffic warden about being allowed into the village. There has been no suggestion that the driver had been drinking.

Devon and Cornwall Police have confirmed they attended the scene. Some people who had tried to go to Angarrack to enjoy the village’s amazing Christmas lights took to social media either seeing the funny side or to complain at the chaos the Santas and their tank caused.

One woman said: “Well that was eventful. An army tank, yes an actual Army tank, driven by several inebriated Santas trying to get to the pub in Angarrack who got stuck on the way.”

Another woman said: “I have seen it all now. A tank being driven by several Santas tried to drive into Angarrack, got wedged and blocked the entrance to the village.”

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