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Lai Mohammed Under Fire Over Comments on Electricity, Fuel Price Hike

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Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information, has come under fire following his recent comments regarding the increase in electricity and fuel prices.

Mohammed via his twitter handle, on Saturday said the price hike will benefit ordinary Nigerians in the long-run.

He also appealed to the Nigeria Labour Congress to shelve its industrial action planned for Monday.

“The planned action, which is being organised as a protest against the increases, can only bring more hardship to ordinary Nigerians”, Mr Mohammed argued.

Reacting to this on Twitter,

@Greenaetion said, dear Nigerians, if you don’t come out for protest, these people will keep taking us as fools and destroying our future. Remember how they promised us change back then in 2015, and when we voted them in they became lions and then put us in chains.

@Femifire said, I won’t blame the old fool, he is not paying electricity bill, he is not fueling his cars with his money, why will he have a direct effect of this so called hardship metted on the masses.

@Akenimi said, yes. But the truth is that if you had spent the last four years building the economy, it would have helped cushion the effect of the deregulation and we won’t complain much. But no you didn’t, you spent time lying for 4 years.

@Abdullah Awolabi said, Mr man come out in person. Your government went to China to borrow loan and bargain in some years you guys will pay them back. You find it difficult to return their money. The only way is to suffocate poor masses to source the money. I pray China will not rule us they way they did to some country.

@Walter ogbomah said, always talking trash. What is there to benefit from price hikes? I really don’t know what these folks take us for. They marched against this in 2012 but they now say it will benefit us.

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