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Nigerian Youths Told To Adopt Selfless Habit To Effect Change

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A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Mallam Yusuf Olaolu Ali, has urged Nigeria youths to be selfless in there dealing with fellow beings, cultivate habit of personal commitment to effect change and maintain higher moral grounds always.

Mallam Olaolu Ali, stated this at the Kwara Teens leadership Conference Organized by Teens Dream Initiative held at Roemichs Hall , Along Ajase-Ipo Ilorin, Kwara State.

The Principal, Yusuf Ali & Co. (Ghalib Chambers), who is a Guest Speaker at the event with the topic, Teens and Politics; Tackling Corruption & Unethical Behavior in Leadership, identified Cultural Influence, Nonexistence of enforcement, weak integrity conspiracy of the ruling class and winners take it all syndrome as the causes of corruption in Nigeria.

He also urged parents to set moral to their children by doing things that they are accountable for added that they should not hide things to their children.

He added that if parents want their children to do what is right they should be the pathfinder of what is right.

He said as leaders of tomorrow, children should identify and cut out things that are wrong in the society “cultism is bad, you must identify that, don’t go near cultism you must have personal commitment, you must set up your mind I’m not going to be a problem of the society I want to be a solution to the problems. You must be prepare to make sacrifices people will call you names they will abuse you.

” You must look for people of likes minds you must move with people who share what you believe in terms of what is right interms of what is wrong those are people you should move with. If you want to be a brilliant student move with brilliant student. You must creat synergy. Look for others that are not from your immediate environment and do what is right. Demonstrate good example. You can’t tell people not to cheat in exam and you are boss of cheat, be contented with what you have. The country, the society needs you” he added

Also speaking, another Guest Speaker who is also a Pastor at Royal covenant assembly Doctor Bola Payimo, in his theme: ‘Understanding the attributes of Good Leadership’ said the vision of the vissioner is how to impact the youth with political understanding for a better future. “majority of us that are here now nobody talk to us about politics when we were younger. It was considered as something dirty, we were not encouraged to near it”

“This particular platform, I consider it a wonderful platform where there is no sentiment is all about young people, creating a picture of a future for them so that they can know where they belong to and how they can make a better society. I will love those who are here to imbibe everything that they were privilege to learn from here and let the vision we are trying to communicate be in them, it will be an asset. If you are able to get this into you early in life, definitely you can fix your place as far as the future of the country is concerned. I want everybody who is here to make the best opportunity of this encounter, the teachings, the social interactions helps us to be able to relate and integrate. We are going to have a society where we are not divided we are going to have a solid country” he said

“Nigeria youths should not exclusively stay away from politics they should rather be interested in everything they need to know about it as early as possible so that all the principals they learned when they are young will be imbibe as they are getting older and get integrated ”

Doctor Bola Payimo who also explained the various type of leadership which includes; visionary leadership, transactional leadership, charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, autocratic leadership, bureaucratic leadership, democratic leadership, laissez-faire leadership, servant leadership, also hint on quality of good Leadership which he said are visionary, strong communication, decisive, empathetic, adaptable, innovative, integrity, strategic thinker, humility, resilience, courage, creativity, patience, charisma, time management skills.

He as well stated how good leaders operate which he said “they communicate clearly, they are passionate about their work, they don’t care about being popular, they keep their minds open, they work for their employees, they are positive and encouraging, they respect others, they build relationships, they lead by example and they never stop learning. “before you decide to lead others, lead yourself first” he added

Earlier, the leader teens dream initiative Nigeria Mrs Modupe Joel said ”
Teens Dream Initiative is a Non-governnental organization that aims at encouraging the teenagers to exhibit an excellent attitude to life, to God and in their academic through our various programs and activities which always witnessed thousands of teenagers in attendance. We also employ creative means of problem solving and message dissemination which includes: radio broadcasts, film production, book publishing, virtual and physical counseling grass root tour, school tour, online teen’s community and more. In the last 18 years, Teens’ Dream Initiative has been effectively reaching out to thousands of teenagers globally, impacting and positively equipping them for the future assignment.”

“You wil agree with me that leadership, especially in politics has not been presented correctly to our teenagers. Their mindsets have been corrupted with wrong pictures of leadership. Many in positions of leadership are not good examples to them. And some of the youths in leadership who are supposed to light the darkness have been polluted
even before they take over. Things are so wrong in our country, and many in authoriy are not concerned. We have no hope of tomorrow, even the unborn are scared of coming into the world.

Many teenagers are at a point in life when their future is uncertain and scary. Hearing about the turbulence in social settings and politics and how it is affecting things now and will badly affect the future if nothing is done about it makes many teenagers upset, nervous and confused. Many people may not notice this confusion because teenagers are still under their parents’ control. Of course, some have gone haywire, their only way of responding to the cruel society. Others are determined to do the worse as pay back when it is there turn in leadership. And then we blame these young people despite knowing that the society contributed to their confusion”

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