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OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Recorded Calling Obumseli the N-word Before Murder

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Courtney Clenney the Florida Onlyfans star charged with the April murder of her boyfriend pelted him with a racial slur during a screaming match, according to secret cellphone recordings the victim made prior to his death.

Courtney Clenney, who boasts 2 million Instagram followers, can be heard calling Obumseli the n-word while barking out commands to fetch and charge her phone, according to the recording, obtained by The Post.

Clenney, 26, is currently facing second-degree murder charges after plunging a knife into Obumseli’s chest during a fight at their Miami apartment.

Her attorneys have argued that she acted in self-defense and have portrayed her as the victim of Obumseli’s own rages.

But the recordings could come back to haunt the Onlyfans star when her case comes to trial.

In one clip, Clenney can be heard raging at Obumseli, 27, for failing to notify her that he had greeted a mutual female acquaintance of theirs during a bike ride.

“You talked to her without telling me!” Clenney can be heard hysterically wailing as she screams at Obumseli to find her phone.

“Shut up and let me slap you, dumb a–!” Clenney tells the cryptocurrency trader as he repeatedly apologizes.

In a pleading voice, he begs her to calm down.

“You’re going to get this mad at me when I’m apologizing to you?” he tells her.

In the audio recording of the heated argument, Obumseli says: “My bad I forgot to tell you that. That doesn’t make you to act [sic] and call me a f***ing [n-word].”

Clenney responds by loudly saying “you’re a [n-word]” to him.

Clenney then hysterically tells him to “get away from me” and “get off of me” while ordering him to find her phone.

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