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Russia says Ukrainian Fighters Deliberately Fire at Russian Forces From Residential Areas

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Mikhail Mizintsev, head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center, on Wednesday said Ukrainian militants deliberately fire at the Russian forces from residential areas in order to provoke return fire and accuse them of civilian casualties.

“The militants, knowing that civilians will become victims as a result of such criminal actions, purposefully fire at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces from residential areas, provoking them to return fire, in order to subsequently blame Russian military personnel for possible civilian casualties,” he said.

The colonel general said territorial defense units set up a weapons depot in a school in Odessa, and trenches and a stronghold were equipped in the building of the hostel and school No. 56 (Tenistaya St.). Civilians weren’t evacuated.

“In Nikolayev, militants of Ukrainian armed units equipped barracks in schools No. 1 (Aivazovsky St.) and No. 7 (Potyomkinskaya St.), and warehouses with rockets for MLRS in kindergarten No. 70 (Faleyevskaya St.) and school No. 24 (Lesnaya St.),” Mizintsev said.

In Kramatorsk, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped strongholds on the territory of the engineering college, and placed armored vehicles and large-caliber artillery nearby, he said.

“In Slavyansk, Donetsk People’s Republic, nationalists set up firing positions in a machine-building college (Koltsevaya St.), placing artillery pieces and MLRS were in the courtyard,” Mizintsev said.

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