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Superman vs Black Adam Fight Is Planned As Long-Form Story

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Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia talks about how the fight against Henry Cavill’s Superman will be planned as a long-form story rather than a one-off.

Ever since Dwayne Johnson got his Black Adam solo film greenlit by Warner Bros., the global mega-star has promised that the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe will forever change with the arrival of his character.

Initially, Johnson was going to debut as Black Adam in Shazam! before he convinced the studio that the two rivals should have their standalone films before clashing on the big screen.

After having the film stuck in development hell for several years, Black Adam is officially hitting theaters this week worldwide as Johnson joins the ever-growing DCEU.

For several months, Johnson has stressed in countless interviews that one of his big goals with the Black Adam character is to square off with Cavill’s Superman eventually.

For Johnson, Black Adam is only the beginning of his DCEU journey, as he has implied that he plans to stick around for quite some time.

While Cavill hasn’t suited up as Superman since Justice League, reports suggest that Man of Steel 2 is bing developed at Warner Bros. Discovery, with the British star reprising the role.

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