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U.S government donates over 5 million Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to Nigeria, Egypt

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The United States has shipped 5.2 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to Nigeria and Egypt.

The shipments were the latest in a global campaign of donations from the United States. More than 400 million shots of Covid-19 vaccines have already been dispatched from a target of 1.1 billion.

About 2,999,880 Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines set for delivery in Nigeria and 2,158,650 doses to Egypt, a U.S official disclosed.

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The shipments, which left Thursday and were due to arrive by Monday, went through Covax, the global distribution initiative co-led with public-private partnership Gavi.

The United States and other countries producing vaccines against the pandemic have been criticized for not doing enough to blunt the virus’ global spread while trying to get their populations fully vaccinated and boosted.

However, the official said President Joe Biden’s “administration understands that putting an end to this pandemic requires eliminating it around the world.”

Washington is “leading the world in a global vaccine strategy because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing morally, the right thing from a global public health perspective, and right for our collective security and well-being.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, 29 per cent of Egypt’s population is fully vaccinated. The coronavirus has killed an estimated 23,519 people there.

In Nigeria, an estimated 2.7 per cent of its population is fully vaccinated, according to JHU. Only 3,141 deaths have been reported.

In December, Nigerian authorities destroyed more than a million donated doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine after they expired. The government said the doses had been delivered shortly before the end of their shelf life, which is relatively short for AstraZeneca.

The White House official said that for the Pfizer donations, “scientific teams and legal and regulatory authorities from both countries have worked together to ensure the prompt delivery of safe and effective vaccine lots to Egypt and Nigeria.”

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