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2023: Primate Ayodele Releases Fresh Prophecies for Wike, APC, LP

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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has warned the major contenders for the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele warned the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) against allowing the governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike leave the party because it will jeopardize the chances of the party in the 2023 presidential elections.

He mentioned that if the PDP doesn’t settle the crisis currently facing it, the party will sink and go into oblivion after the 2023 presidential election.

He urged the party leaders and presidential candidate, Abubakar Atiku to find ways to make peace if they want to win the election.

Also, speaking about Wike, Primate Ayodele made it known that he will sink and lose political relevance if he leaves the party, while urging him and other governors planning to work against the party to see divine direction than relying on their physical strength.

“PDP should not allow Wike to leave because if leaves, the chances of the party in the presidential election will be jeopardized. What Wike is dragging can cause PDP so much, Atiku should try to adjust, and this is not about dominating. He should try and make peace work in the party. Only peace and the presence of some important people can give the party victory. Wike leaving PDP will dent the victory of Atiku because other important members of the party will leave with him and it will make the election tougher for the party.’’

“If PDP does not settle its crisis, the party will go oblivion after 2023, Atiku should consult God, technocrats and those that love him otherwise this Wike’s crisis can sink PDP. Although, Wike will also sink if he leaves the party and will not be given recognition. If PDP loses the election, he will be embarrassed. He and other governors planning to leave should seek divine directions than physical strength.’’

For the APC, Primate Ayodele revealed that the party will continue to have an internal crisis and that the northern group will come out with another joker that will cause ethnicity disagreement towards the election. He further reinstated the danger of a muslim-muslim ticket for Nigeria, making it known that it will cause future problems for the country if it succeeds.

“The northern group will be divided because of Tinubu because there will continue to be internal wrangling in APC. The northerners will come out with another joker and it will cause ethnicity disagreement towards the election. Muslim-Muslim ticket will cause a lot for Nigeria but the people can’t see it now. The victory of the ticket will cause problems for the future of Nigeria which will be a regret to Nigerians.”

For Labour Party, the man of God warned the party to be careful of big names that will decamp into the party because some of them don’t mean well for them.

He mentioned that the candidate, Peter Obi can bring up surprises in the election but his camp still has a lot to do.

“Some people will decamp to Labour party to destabilize the party, they must be careful of big names decamping to the party. Peter Obi can bring surprises in the election if APC and PDP does not wake up. The camp of Peter Obi still has a lot to do, they are only pursuing their goals ordinarily.’’

Continuing, Primate Ayodele spoke on the governorship elections in Abia and Imo states, stating that he foresees a new party winning the election in Abia if the PDP and APC doesn’t put their house together and that Emeke Ihedioha will win the governorship election in Imo state if the PDP presents him.

“In Abia state, a new party can take over because PDP and APC are not putting their house together. In a free and fair election, the election in Abia state will be between YPP and Labour party. The labour party candidate should strategize otherwise the YPP candidate will win the election.’’

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