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All Hate Groups Now Campaigning for Peter Obi – Segalink

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Activist Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink, has said all hate groups in Nigeria are now hiding under the Peter Obi presidential campaign.

According to him, the hate groups include the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, feminists and protesters.

Segalink said this in aN interview with Punch.

He said, “I can authoritatively state that all the hate groups in the country are now enjoying an ‘AirBnB’ under the negligent Peter Obi Presidential Campaign, namely the IPOB agitators, who never wanted an election in Nigeria; perpetual cum commercial protesters, known to jump on anything popular to validate their existence; failed and aggrieved members of the Buhari Media Campaign, known for their belligerence and cyberbullying; the feminist coalition, who sought to use the protest as a cover for the push for same sex marriage in Nigeria but was rebuffed; and several others caught in the middle without clarity on what is real and what is fictional.”

Segalink added:

“Suffice to say that the agitators are well known as individual groups, and the purpose of their current coalition is ominous. It is never in the interest of the peace, unity, and progress of our democracy.

The idea behind political campaigns is to win hearts and minds, and nothing explains the coercion and targeted harassment of individuals without provocation in order to force an endorsement.

No Nigerian was forced to support the #EndSARS and #ReformPoliceNG movement because the goal and objective speak for themselves.

It’s worthy of note that these groups never supported the advocacy nor contributed positively to the conversation and engagement of the authorities even though it benefited them until they had to protest under the name of its objective.

So, clearly, there is no surprise for us here, as a leopard never changes its spots. Anyone who believes there is any true healthy communication and problem solving with narcissists is naive. They never take responsibility for their part in anything. They are the mascots of gaslighting and manipulation in conversations. The focus will always be brought back on you, what you did in the past, and they will get mad at you for getting mad at them. They hold on to your description of their actions and take offence without addressing their own actions for triggering such a response.”

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