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Benue Group Advises Ayu to Step Down, Withdraw Threat Against Ortom 

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George Martins, Makurdi 

Group under the aegis of Benue People of Conscience (BPOC), has advised the national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Iyorchia Ayu to step down so as to maintain the integrity the Tiv people are known for over the years.

According to the group, such a resignation act would further boost the chances of the Benue people, particularly, Tiv nation and the confidence for people to have dealing with them.

“The PDP National Chairman should forthwith withdraw his threat to Governor Ortom over his Senatorial ambition.”

A statement signed by chairman of the group, John Orshio and secretary, Tersoo Iorbee, stress that there will be consequences if the PDP national chairman in as much as makes an attempt to tamper with the Senatorial ambition of Governor Samuel Ortom.

“We state with all seriousness that in the event that Senator Ayu ventures to throw spanners in the works of the senatorial bid of the Governor for the 2023 general elections, he will have to contend with the people of Benue State. This is because many times, Governor Ortom has put his life at stake, daring all to ensure that the State was not overrun by bandits.”

It said, it is normal for one to take sides in politics, but not for one to take sides against his own people in favour of their enemies.

It came as a shock to us last weekend when we heard that Senator Iyorchia Ayu had threatened that he had the capacity to stop the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom from contesting for the Senatorial seat after he completes his second term as governor.

“We all know how Ayu became the party’s national chairman against all odds, due to the support of Governor Ortom. In fact, Senator Ayu was literally exhumed from the ‘grave of politics by Governor Ortom and placed on the exalted seat of party chairman. Ayu’s turn against Governor Ortom amounts to biting the very finger that fed him.”

Senator Ayu is exposing himself for ‘the kill’, politically and we think that for Senator Ayu to honour his words are a matter of integrity.

The group said it expected that since the PDP National Chairman had promised to vacate his seat in the event that the Presidential candidate of the party emerged from the North, he should have honourably resigned his position.

The statement said the action of Ayu invariably means politicians in Benue state would not be taken for their words and called on Ayu to do the needful so as to print his name in gold, saying he has allowed the matter to drag on for too long.

“To make matters worse, Senator Ayu is enmeshed in allegations of fraud concerning the finances that accrued to the party during the PDP primaries and has dodged every attempt to make available the accounts of the party for scrutiny.”

The Benue People of Conscience (BPOC) believes that clearing himself of allegations of impropriety would have placed Ayu in right standing, but even this he has not done, making it more difficult for him to be accepted by party members.

“Ayu is telling the whole world that the Tiv people cannot be trusted, nor taken for their words.”

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