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China faces tough coronavirus questions as WHO meets

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At the first meeting of the World Health Organization’s governing body since Covid-19 stormed the globe, China is set to be challenged by the Communist Party’s initial handling of the virus.

While the U.S. has launched a daily barrage of attacks on China, including suggesting the virus escaped from a laboratory in the central city of Wuhan, the European Union and Australia are set to play a key role pushing for a probe into the virus’s origin when the World Health Assembly — the WHO’s decision making body — gathers on Monday for an annual meeting in Geneva.

A U.S.-backed bloc is also pushing for Taiwan, whose handling of the virus has been a rare success story, to attend the meeting as an observer. The move — aimed at strengthening Taiwan’s official and unofficial diplomatic relationships — has angered China, which views the island as a province and has long sought to isolate it on the world stage.

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