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Obi: Citizens Lose Faith in Judiciary When Rule of Law is Threatened

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The Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi, yesterday, highlighted the significance of the judiciary in a democracy, saying the rule of law is threatened once people lose faith in the fairness of the courts.

In a thread on his X handle (Tweeter), Obi said the rule of law remained the foundation for all fundamental rights of humans and what held societies together.

The former governor of Anambra State said when democracy was based on faulty justice, it opened society to apparent dangers.

Obi stated, “The lofty titles that decorate people in power have little meaning if there is a hollowness and falsehood underneath them.

“Such titles, which adorn those in public office, mean nothing if they are not original and are fake if those who bear them have no honour to support the weight of the titles they carry.

“In situations where there is public doubt as to the veracity and authenticity of these titles and the claims behind them, it is the judiciary’s role, when called upon, to uphold the honour of the titles through transparent rulings.

“Only through such judicial interventions can the public be protected from the tyranny of dubious and duplicitous characters and identity fraudsters.”

He wrote further, “In such situations, the judiciary has a bounding duty to protect society’s value system. This is one of the obligations of an impartial judiciary in a democracy.

“The rule of law remains the lifeblood of democracy in all societies and by whatever definition across time.

“It remains the foundation for all our fundamental rights as humans. It is the rule of law that binds society together.

“The expectation by the high and low alike that their rights will be protected and respected by fair judges in transparent courts is what keeps citizens’ loyalty and belief in democracy.

“People, irrespective of their station in life, approach the courts whenever they feel their rights are assailed, in the expectation that fair courts will render justice to them according to law.

“However, when the fairness of the judiciary is not assured, and the transparency of judiciary operatives is uncertain, the rule of law will come under severe threat.

“Once ordinary people lose faith in the fairness of the judiciary, the rule of law is threatened.”

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