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Supreme Court : Edo Holds Victory March for Obaseki

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The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, on Tuesday, led Edo people, party faithful and other supporters to a victory parade across major streets and roads in Benin metropolis, to celebrate his victory at the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court’s five-man panel of justices had on May 28, 2021 upheld the ruling of the Appeal Court, which dismissed the alleged certificate forgery suit filed by the All Progressives Congress (APC) against the Governor, during the 2020 governorship election.
Obaseki, speaking to party faithful in front of the Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA) complex, reassured that his government will continue to work for the development of the state and wellbeing of the people.
Governor Obaseki said: “The kind of attitude they started in Edo to cage the State is what is going on in Nigeria today. We don’t have much resources in Edo but we have been able to utilize the little we have in developing the state.
“Until we change our mindset and mentality that taxpayers’ money is meant to work for people, development will be out of reach. Unless we change our mentality and mindset, Nigeria will not move forward. We have to pray to God so that what happened in Edo will also happen in Nigeria.”
Noting that the victory at the Supreme Court has put an end to godfatherism in the state, Obaseki added that “the fight all this while is for us to cooperate with a few persons to share Edo commonwealth; they want us to continue to feed godfathers. If I had agreed, there would not be any fight in the first place.”
He continued: “This victory is to work for Edo people and develop the State. We must not go back but Edo must move forward. We have embarked on this victory march to thank Edo people, as the victory belongs to God and Edo people. Through your support and determination, you have shown that Edo is Edo, not Lagos or Imo.
“We thank God for the victory of the Supreme Court judgement. In the election, Edo people cast their vote for our party but APC didn’t have respect for Edo people as they took us to court and wanted to turn the people’s mandate by all means; but God saw us through the battle.”
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