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Ethnos IT Security Solutions Marks 10 Years of Cybersecurity Solutions in Nigeria

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Ethnos IT Security Solutions Limited, an indigenous company with focus on cybersecurity marks their ten years in the Nigerian IT ecosystem offering robust cybersecurity solutions and advisory services to their clients across the nation.

The company used that opportunity to unveil their new logo that would reflect their new business vision and how they have come to serve their numerous customers better.

Speaking to the media, Peter Ejiofor, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ethnos IT Security Solutions Limited looked back at the years and recalled how far they have come and what has made the organization stay in business.

In his words he said” As a company we were designed to provide security solutions to organizations, businesses and others. As technology keeps improving, we come to know that security is the backbone of technology. We can’t talk about technology advancement without thinking of how to secure your business assets and human to human engagements. We, at Ethnos IT have grown with the growth of technology.

He added “Today, technology is looking at artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, metaverse, digital transformation, holography and many others. We have grown with these new technologies and also improved in our capacity and skillset to support our customers as they consume these technologies. We have grown our market base, personnel, in terms of global technical engagements we have grown also. That is the journey. Someone said if I survive 5 years it means we would be in business for long and thank God we have survived these 5 years and we are ten today. Ten years has been a good experience for us. We have our ups and downs but we keep evolving.”

On the evolution of the organization, the CEO added that apart from offering world-class cybersecurity solutions to organizations, the company has come to understand the need to build capacity and the required skill set for the country and various individual organizations that will man their cybersecurity department. Having noticed the gap in capacity building, Ethnos IT Solutions Limited established a center that will train the young ones at no cost and have them equipped for organizations that will need their services. “As a person, I have learnt to create a platform for people to thrive. We recently created an academy where people are admitted and made to know the rudiments of cybersecurity. We created a platform that will have skills available to the young ones and we trained them at no charges. We are building a platform of security experts. We are also a strong and bonded team; we encourage people to try. Opportunities abound in the market and we encourage people to take advantage of them”, Peter Ejiofor said.

The new logo was also made known to the public and interpreted. The company said that “When we started, we wanted to create an identity but as we have come of age, we tweaked our logo a bit to reflect who we are as of today. The concept of the circle you find in our logo shows a network of our customers. If you look at it clearly it is not broken, we show that our customers are safeguarded and we are supplying them livewire they need to grow. We wanted that to reflect in our logo as a problem-solving organization.”

The company also used the opportunity to thank their numerous customers that gave them the opportunity to express themselves. Those customers believed that indigenous IT firms like Ethnos IT Solution Limited can deliver what their foreign counterparts do. The Ethnos boss was appreciative of these sets of Nigerians that personally took that decision to give them a trial at the early stage. “, it is a mindset which has become cultural where Nigerians believe that foreign firms are better but we met some Nigerians, who were of different opinion and they gave us a chance and here we are today. The industry has grown today, we were early birds that came to the industry when it was young or green. The security industry has grown so wide and today a lot of people have joined and the industry has grown. What sets us apart is that we do not only provide products but we provide services too. We go to companies with questions like; are your pain points? What are your plans for security? What fears do you nurse? We help organizations answer these and equip the people with skills set to fight cyber crimes. Peter opined.

Finally, Peter said that “Currently, we have a wealth of experience and we have changed our thinking and vision as a company. What we do now is to solve real problems for organizations and we are not limited in our thinking. We are not limited in any area of cyber security. We are no longer at this stage delivering products but solving problems. We evaluate customers to determine their needs, some we train them and improve their cyber hygiene culture, some we deploy technologies to control their touchpoints, others we support on their regulatory journeys. So, we look at businesses and implement threat management and we have platforms that we can plug into your environment and help you control and detect threats from internet exposure to databases.”

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