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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Rick Ross Ranked Fourth Hip-hop Billionaire Star

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American rapper Rick Ross has put himself in the billionaire conversation alongside some of America’s most successful business moguls.

The rapper took to Instagram to show off his private jet, which was parked near former President Donald Trump’s own aircraft.

The two planes share similar markings, with Ross’ being black and gold, and Trump’s featuring the red, white, and blue colors of the American flag.

“Billionaires Row,” Ross wrote in his Instagram caption, claiming membership in the billionaire boys’ club.

While his financial flex has yet to be verified, recent estimates peg his net worth at somewhere between $100-150 million. If true, Ross would become just the fourth hip-hop figure to achieve billionaire status following JAY-Z, Kanye West, and Diddy.

“I said that basically based on the people who believe somebody with the lack of experience could take over the modern world,” Ross explained. “If you really believe this and you gon’ stand on this, well, let’s do it then. So when he tears this sh*t down, you muthafuckas can have a new optimistic way of looking at things.”

Ross continued: “Now you see the value of Obama. Now you see what goddamn Obama eight years and how this could’ve happened, but it didn’t. Right? Right? Now y’all can appreciate greatness.”

As for his private jet, the “Aston Martin Music” MC added it to his sprawling motor-vehicle collection this past June and claimed it was worth $5 billion. In a video posted to his Instagram at the time, Rozay could be seen standing in front of the aircraft, which has his name written across it in golden letters, along with the Maybach Music Group logo on its vertical stabilizer.

“Sky’s the limit,” he captioned the post. “Maybach Airlines Reaching new heights.” Ross’ financial success has been no secret. He recently closed on a $35 million Star Island mansion in Miami and has a net worth estimated at around $100-150 million. While Ross may not have officially achieved billionaire status yet, his financial success is nothing to scoff at

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