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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Chief Sabastine Tartenger Hon, SAN, The Celebrated Lawyer

Chief Sabastine Tartenger Hon, is an expert in constitutional law, he has many books to his credit. Recently he was appointed as the Pro-Chancellor...

‘Whether Housing, Hospitality, Offices, Commercial Ventures or Spaces, We Provide the Solutions’

ANTHONY AIHIE is the Chief Executive Officer of Design Union. In this interview held with the MoneyCentral team of Charles Odum and Azarat Haruna, AIHIE speaks on the growth...

‘With APT you can trade with your phone you don’t need an iPad, desktop or laptop’ : Kasimu

KASIMU GARBA KURFI is the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of APT Securities and Funds Limited.Kasimu started his career as an Accountant with...

‘At Orchid we Stepped in to Fill Gaps in the Hotel Industry and Serve Nigerians Better’

JONATHAN ODEGA is the Executive Chairman of Orchid Hotels. In this interview held with the MoneyCentral team of Charles Odum and Azarat Haruna last week, ODEGA explains how his training...

Book Review: 70 Personal Strategies for Excelling at Meetings

Everyone has probably seen the meme that shows a suited Samuel. L. Jackson at his first zoom meeting and then almost haggard looking and...

The 4 Intravenous (I.V.) Fluid Plants can Only Meet 30% of Nigeria’s Demand – Awosika

Dr. TOLA AWOSIKA is the Managing Director/CEO of Med-In Pharmaceuticals which owns a pharmaceutical plant located at Sagamu in Ogun state. The infusion plant produces mainly...

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