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Arteriors Window Treatments: Styling with Curtains

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BY STELLA CHIBUIKE-EZIKE Director, Arteriors By Ella…Follow us on Instagram: @arteriorsbyella and Facebook: @ArteriorsbyElla

Decorating with Curtains

A room isn’t complete until the windows are covered. Curtains provide that gorgeous layer of aesthetic appeal to a well finished design job, similar to the icing on a beautifully baked cake. In addition to being a great décor element, curtains serve as an effective window treatment, guarding against light, rainfall or other unpleasant weather conditions as well as providing needed privacy for your space.

Curtains or drapes, depending on your preference also have other ingenious uses, especially when designing a space. They could be used as backdrops for event halls and for creating reading/play nooks in children’s rooms. They also work great for partitioning a space into sections, as a form of room divider.

Choosing Right

Getting the perfect curtain or drape fit for your windows is the first step towards realizing that flawless and faultless drapery style. You also have to ensure that they are properly hanged and voluminous enough to project the desired look. We have put together a quick guide to achieving appropriate curtain & drapery selection, installation and styling of same. See below:

The Fabric

You should go for fabrics that will project the desired objective whilst highlighting their practicality. Generally, faux silk, velvet and suede are great options for curtains and drapery. Heavier fabrics should be used where the weather condition is usually cold. You should also consider the color choices. Needless to say the fabric color must complement the overall color scheme of the space. In addition to this, keep in mind that where the curtain location is facing the sun rays directly, it may be wiser to go for darker or neutral colors as brighter colors tend to fade faster.

The Fit

Your curtains must be appropriate for the space you are looking to cover. In essence, they must fit perfectly. This means that they should be long enough to have the bottoms gracefully stroke the floors and wide enough to ensure a complete coverage, preventing light leaking through the corners. The curtains size should typically be at least 2 times the overall space measurement, so as to depict volume and fullness. Also ensure the fabrics can form crisp folds when drawn. Where heavy fabrics are installed, use tie backs to achieve even and neatly formed folds.

The Style

Line your curtains to project a more refined and even fuller look. Hang them as high as possible above the window or door frames, typically 5 to 6 inches above the frames and where possible, higher, leaving about 2 inches from the ceiling’s crown moulding.

This gives the space a taller and grander appearance. Have the curtain rods extend beyond the windows on both sides so as to give a wider and unhindered view. Pleats, combined with drapery rings are great for style expression. You may also opt to accessorize with tassels for a more sophisticated look.

Complete with Curtains

Decorators will tell you that curtains make a room…only when all aspects of the job are carried out properly however. It is important to take into consideration textures, colors and styling that will bring to life curtains that blend perfectly with your design theme. To ensure your windows get the treatment they deserve, please use the above guide and find the curtains most perfect for them.

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