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Arteriors : Little Girls’ Bedroom Styling

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Bedroom Décor Ideas for Little Girls

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We promised to keep up with feminine inspired décor ideas as we continue to celebrate women all over the world. Our article this week focuses on bedroom styling for our beautiful angels. No longer a toddler but definitely not yet qualified to be called a teenager, our little girls are loving, sweet, playful and fun to be with and they deserve a perfectly curated bedroom, designed with love and full of creativity.

So as you read this piece, we hope that you get some ideas to elevate your girls’ bedrooms’ style to a space that they love to spend time in, have unending play hours and truly love every look and feel of it now and as they grow older!

Wallpaper Inspiration

Whether it’s a pretty floral print, charming patterns, playful shades or a backdrop of constellations, a fun removable wallpaper is a great —and low-budget—way to add creativity and style to your child’s room. There are infinite options to choose from to perfectly project the desired theme in your child’s space.

Furniture Works

Get resourceful with the furniture works, and while at it, instill ingenuity by integrating extra storage. This is particularly important when the room is shared and you need to maximize space. You also want a furniture set that can accommodate additional items as they (the children) grow. Adorn parts of the storage space with flowers, framed art pieces and other accessories that can be changed as the kids become older.

Ceiling Creativity

Little Girls 4

Look up! And wake up to a fresh bout of energy created by amazing ceiling inspiration. Ceiling designs effortlessly projects uniqueness and can completely transform a space to achieve your desired look. Depending on the available space and layout of the room, you may use wallpapers, decals or even vibrantly colored paint for a true ceiling décor inspiration.

Layer with Rugs


Spice up your girls’ rooms with beautifully crafted rugs that complement their room style in design and color. Rugs are also functional elements as they ensure the space is cushioned against falls and similar incidents during floor play activities.

You may also layer the rug on a lush wall to wall carpet to create a more cushioned experience.

Glow Decals


Glow in the dark constellations are another fun way of livening up your girls’ rooms. Use them to create a starry star night effect, with soft light glows that makes night time much more relaxing. They are easy to stick onto any surface – walls, ceilings, wardrobes etc. and can be removed or changed at any time.

Embrace the fun stuff!

Girls’ bedroom styling is all about selecting the appropriate décor elements and infusing same with a dose of creativity and sparkle. In general, use feminine but not overly girly décor pieces. Age 5 or 12, little girls’ already have a sense of bedroom styling that rocks their boats and you can follow any of the foregoing tips to create a room for your little one that is packed full of personality and fun to be in.

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