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Wendy Williams Begs For Help As She Struggles To Walk Following Rehab

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Wendy Williams looked fragile and panicked when she screamed for assistance while struggling to walk over the weekend.

In a video the embattled host yelled for “somebody’s hand” as she slowly took one step in front of the other, months after seeking treatment for “extreme alcohol abuse.”

The footage was posted by @la.gossip on Sunday and showed a thin Wendy desperately attempting to take baby steps while entering into her high-rise at night. She appeared to be concentrating on not falling when the reporter began asking her questions about her health.

“Hey Wendy, how ya doin’?” the man asked to which she replied, “Fine. Thanks.” The small chitchat turned frantic when the slow-moving Wendy started screaming for help, seemingly out of nowhere.

Wendy appeared to take a few quick steps, almost losing her balance and yelling, “Can I have your hand, please? Can I have your hand?”

When the reporter failed to extend his assistance, she stumbled into the doorwoman at the front of her building. “Somebody’s hand!” an annoyed Wendy said, grabbing the woman’s wrist.

The female walked the former Wendy Williams Show host into the building and out of the frame.

The disturbing video comes just days after Wendy looked happy and healthy at her first public appearance since her three-month rehab stint. While her fans were delighted with her seemingly put-together look, her brother Tommy insisted she was “going backward.”

He expressed concern it was all a facade, claiming she had been shutting out her family since being back in the Big Apple.

“With her absence comes questions, and scrutiny: How is she living, what is she doing and what the hell is she up to?” Tommy told The Sun last week.

Recalling being there for Wendy during her “dark times,” he said his famous sister was “going back to times before she was married. She’s going backward.”

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