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Infinion Technologies CEO Called Out for Maltreating Staff in Lagos

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A lady Roselyn Wara-Tita on Linkedin has called out a Lagos based firm Infinion Technologies for maltreating her on the job and withholding her pay after terminating her.

Her story can be read below:

“I can never understand how, an employer will state that accommodation will be provided for you, and this is what the accommodation looks like below.

I want to rant because i’m super upset and i feel like employers need to do better.

So a month ago, i got a job, to work as a private chef for the CEO of Infinion Technologies, i got the job off here on LinkedIn , I sent my portfolio and I was called up for an interview in Victoria island lagos.

So I was told accommodation will be available for me and that was why I even accepted the job in the first place.

I started the job June 3rd, last month, only for me to see the shitty accommodation they provided for me, wasn’t cleaned or fumigated prior to my resumption and I had to make arrangements for the cleaning myself and assemble the bunk bed that was provided. I complained to my employer(twice)about the state of the room and how I wanted it painted and the floor fixed, at least to make it more conducive to live in, asides from the fact that I had to share bathroom and toilet, with 6 other staff in the same bq accommodation,that I was never informed about.

At the end of the 1month prob, they decided to terminate my contract, because they felt that if I wasn’t okay with the working conditions, then it was best. So sickening because, all I asked was that the room be put into good shape and that I couldn’t be walking under the hot sun to take his lunch( my ex employer) , to the office, everyday because it wasn’t stated in my contract.

Today makes it exactly 5days days since, and I haven’t been paid. They say that I’ll get my money this week. But I’ll be dammed if I don’t share my story. It’s just crazy how this employers think in Nigeria! JustCrazy!”

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