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Russia President Vladimir Putin Facing Threat Of Civil War

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office has been thrown into panic after Kremlin reportedly “does not exclude the scenario of a civil war” over Wagner boss’ threats.

The comments come just hours after Wagner PMC warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin was criminally charged after making claims Russia attacked his men.

The country claimed that Prigozhin allegedly incited an armed rebellion.

And the Kremlin has called on the warlord to cease his actions, after he said that he would take revenge after Russian troops allegedly fired on his men.

The FSB said in a statement: “Prigozhin’s statements and actions are in fact calls for the start of an armed civil conflict on the territory of the Russian Federation and are a stab in the back of Russian servicemen fighting pro-fascist Ukrainian forces.”

The FSB has ordered Wagner members to detain their boss.

Already, the Wagner group has seemingly started fighting back against the dictatorial state using Russia’s airwaves, with TV channels in the country seemingly hacked by Wagner chiefs as Putin wages an internal war with the warlord himself.

Audio recordings of Prigozhin are currently being played on Russian TV stations.

The internal conflict arose out of allegations that Putin’s vicious army attacked a Wagner camp and killed several of its fighters.

Prigozhin claimed Russian soldiers launched a rocket strike against a Wagner PMC camp, adding: “There are many victims. According to the fighters who witnessed the strike, it came from the rear, meaning it was launched by troops with the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.”

He bitterly added that “huge number of fighters were killed” in the alleged attack, which Moscow has so far denied carrying out.

While he was quick to say that he was not launching a coup and instead was beginning a “march to Russia,” he starkly warned that anyone who tried standing in the way of the private army would suffer.

“Everyone who will try to resist, we will consider them a danger and destroy them immediately, including any checkpoints on our way. And any aviation that we see above our heads,” he warned in an audio recording that was shared to several Telegram channels.

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