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Tesla Reveals “Plans” To Build A Prototype Humanoid Robot

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Tesla has announced at its AI Day 2021 their next game changing product that doesn’t exist, a humanoid robot.

“It’s basically going to start dealing with work that is boring, repetitive and dangerous,” Musk said of the product that doesn’t exist yet.

Despite not yet having a prototype, that didn’t stop Musk from claiming the robot would have a “profound” impact on the economy in the future. He also predicted that physical work would be a choice in the future and that universal basic income would be necessary, according to CNN.

Instead of actually presenting a prototype at AI Day, the presentation instead introduced a person in a bodysuit that resembled the robot design, to breakdance on stage.

The proposed robot will be five feet, eight inches tall and weigh 125 pounds. Musk told the audience it will have a screen for a face that displays “useful information”.

Musk said of the non-existent prototype: “you can talk to it and say, ‘please pick up that bolt and attach it to a car with that wrench,’ and it should be able to do that. ‘Please go to the store and get me the following groceries.’ That kind of thing. I think we can do that.”

“We hope this does not feature in a dsytopian sci-fi movie,” he nervously joked.

GLJ Research’s Gordon Johnson took to CNBC Friday morning to lay out just how wild the event was, and offer his skeptical take on things:

“Everybody thought their cars were collecting data, feeding that data into their neural net algorithm and everyday their cars were getting smarter,” says @GordonJohnson19 on @Tesla‘s AI technology $TSLA.

“We learned last night that’s not true.”

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