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Gov. Inuwa Yahaya : Getting Governance Right And Touching People’s Life Positively

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The worth of a man is in the quality of his heart and the value of his services to mankind. No doubt, that the worth of the executive governor of Gombe state, Inuwa Yahaya can only be traced to his virtues of integrity, character and foresight in providing good governance to the teeming population of the state since his assumption of office as the number one citizen of the state in 2019.
To many analysts, his emergence was said to be connected to his pedigree, experience in governance as a gentleman politician and his ability to connect with people irrespective of their status.
Undisputably, in the last few years of Inuwa Yahaya’s administration in the state, his indeed redefining governance and delivering dividends of democracy to the good people of Gombe state, irrespective of their affiliations and tribes, being the reason that many people within and outside the shore of state believe in his capacity to take the state to an enviable position if given another term in office.
His midas’ touch in less than two years in office has proven his worth as a man who knows how to steer the affairs of the state and raising the hope of the people for a prosperous state in the future.
His notable designed workable blueprint for the development of Gombe state has justified the glowing encomiums received by Governor Inuwa Yahaya from individuals, groups, media, agencies, governments amongst others within and outside the country, this is just as cross section of Gombians said, the Governor has not disappointed the people that elected him by implementing impactful and life changing policies as well as projects to improve citizens wellbeing.
In spite of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated measures such  as lockdown that have led to loss of jobs, transition to remote work and productivity losses, which obviously, the world is experiencing economic downturn, and struggling to pay salaries and meet the welfare needs of their workers, the Gombe State has been able to continue the payment of salaries to workers and monthly pension to retirees as at when due.
Moreover, the Inuwa Yahaya’s administration paid billions of naira to settle outstanding pensions and gratuities inherited from previous administration, with the intention to clear all outstanding pensions and gratuities as part of respect for the civil servants – the people he believes deserve to live in comfort and dignity after retirement.
Gov. Inuwa Yahaya with exemplary leadership style, being a man of honour, has severally assured the civil servants in the state of his administration’s unwavering commitment to provide socio-economic development to improve the well-being of people.
In efforts to ensure a good working relationship with the civil servants in the state and improving their wellbeing, the state established the Bureau of Public Service Reforms to spearhead the transformation of the civil service.
Acknowledging the fact that civil service is the engine room for the implementation of Government’s policies and programmes, being the reason for the relentless efforts of Inuwa Yahaya’s administration in repositioning the civil service for better efficiency and improved service delivery.
To his credit, despite the slim resources, Gombe State is among the first States that implemented the 30,000-minimum wage, though it had to suspend it due to the pandemic and eventually bring it back as promised, immediately after the economic situation had stabilized.
Keeping to his promises, Gov. Inuwa Yahaya released 1.5 billion naira and the 775 million naira respectively for the payment of first and second tranches of gratuities arrears to retired civil servants in the State, as acknowledged by the Chairman of Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) Gombe state chapter, Comrade Adamu Musa during the 2021May Day celebration in the state.
It is therefore apt to conclude that Gov. Inuwa Yahaya is getting governance right through the civil service and touching people’s lives.
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