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West Africa’s Largest Water Park Sets to Launch in Nigeria

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The largest water park in West Africa, Park Vega is set to launch in the country.

Park Vega is a member of International Association of Amusements & Attractions ( IAAPA) and WWA World Waterparks Association(WWA) and acclaimed to be the first international standard water park in Nigeria and West Africa.

Experts’ ratings show that the park boasts internationally recognised features and standard facilities of a water park that ranks it matchless. These include: multiple water slides for adults and children, wave pools and splash pad, amongst others.

Speaking on the project, Public Relations Officer of the park, Anthony Elikene stated that the park which is sited at Delta state has answered government’s call for economy diversification and put Nigeria and West Africa on global tourism map.

He said, “This is long overdue. Nigerian families deserve to experience undiluted fun without worrying about getting passports, visas and scaling through immigration from both ends. The park is equipped with the best in class equipment compared with any international standard water park in the world. We aim to provide the best day ever experience for friends and family seeking fun, excitement and bonding.”

Describing the park further, Elikene said , “Sitting on 1,500m2 and containing close to half a million gallons of water, the wave pool mimics the ocean waves by pneumatically producing waves up to 1.1m height. It is the most up to date technology in the international market and the centrepiece of the waterpark, offering hours of splashing fun for all ages and swimming levels.

“Park Vega’s adult slides are aptly named: space-hole slide, free-fall slide, multi-surf slide, and black hole – wave combo slide. These slides offer different experiences to riders. The space hole slide is probably a favourite slide to many because of the twists and turns before being thrown into a jumbo bowl where centrifugal forces keep guest riders high on the wall for several rotations, then they are plunged into a slash pool.

“Whether sitting on an inner tube with a friend or riding solo, this slide is so much fun that there are repeat rides.

The multi-surf slide takes riders on an electrifying head-to-head competition over a series of gut-wrenching bumps propelling guest riders to the finish line to see the fastest.

“This ride was installed for our competitive guests to enjoy a high-volume of fun.

The freefall slide packs an extremely thrilling slide that gives riders a momentary feeling of weightlessness and pushes fun-seekers valour to the limits. We believe that the youths will be drawn to this slide.

“The freefall-slide is designed to have an extra enclosed tube at the top to build anticipation, this is a perfect recipe for those who appreciate the adrenaline rush.”

He said, “Blackhole-wave combo slide both add remarkable experience to the traditional waterslide. It features a steep drop that takes riders up a nearly vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before they are swish-swashed down to the shutdown lane.

“With this slide, guests can enjoy their double raft while sharing laughter with family and friends. The children will experience a very colourful aqua tower and splash pad fitted with over 50 interactive elements such as tipping bucket, bubbler jets, slides, umbrella jets, water guns, water wheels, the pipe falls, net bridge, net climber etc. The kid’s pools have very shallow depth and are finished with anti-slip tiles for all-day safe play.

“There is also an activity pool which has an obstacle course, water volleyball and water polo for activity fanatics. In addition to all these, Park Vega has a swim-up bar that offers cocktails and mocktails.”

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