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China Claims ‘Unidentified Object’ in its Airspace, Prepared to Shoot Down

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Chinese authorities have reportedly spotted an unidentified flying object over the waters near a major naval base and were preparing to shoot it down, according to officials.

Local maritime authorities in China’s eastern Shandong Province said they had spotted an “unidentified flying object” in waters near the coastal city of Rizhao, the state-run Global Times reported Sunday

Other outlets reported that the UFO was spotted near Qingdao, which is home to the Jianggezhuang Naval Base, a major naval base for the People’s Liberation Army.

A marine development authority official told The Paper, another Chinese news outlet, that “relevant authorities” were preparing to shoot down the object.

The reported sighting comes days after American fighter jets shot down unidentified objects over Canada and remote Alaska. A week before, the U.S. military shot a suspected Chinese spy balloon, about the size of three school buses, off the coast of South Carolina after it had traversed the United States.

The Biden administration said it was used for surveillance. China claims it was on a meteorological research mission.

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