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Arteriors : Home Exterior Styling

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Create a Welcoming Home Exterior

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More often than not, we expend a great deal of time and money in making our homes’ interiors look beautiful and inviting, neglecting the exteriors and failing to work on enhancements where necessary. This typically starts out as an innocent oversight that if left unattended to, could result in a completely lost curb appeal overtime.

This week, we focus on simple but highly effective home exterior design and styling that creates an aesthetic appeal and welcoming atmosphere right from the front grounds.

Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat

Nothing uplifts your home’s exterior appearance like a fresh coat of paint. Painting always guarantees an impressive appearance and is one of the first steps to take in an exterior styling project.

Ensure to use colors that blend with your home’s design style and/or exterior surroundings. You also want to invest in high quality paints that last longer and wont be adversely affected by the weather and climate in general.

Revamp the Front Door

Doors are symbols of both form and function that can effortlessly give your exteriors a new lease of life, when upgraded. Use colors and styles that complement your home. Options range from wood doors to fiberglass doors to even steel doors. Again, durability should be an important factor to consider.

Complete the look by placing a door mat by the door, mounting a door bell and installing a decorative address plaque for a quick and easy way of adding charm to your home exterior.

Illuminate the Area

Use lighting to illuminate walking paths, enhance vision and generally improve visual flair, especially at night. Mount decorative lights to infuse elegance in the outside of your home. Path and landscape lightings can be used for walkways and wall mounted lights for the outside walls.

Beyond the architectural enhancement exterior lights offer, they also provide illumination for safety and security.

Add Plants & Flowers

You already know you can never go wrong with greenery. Use potted plants at the entryway and if your structure allows, hang some in strategic locations to enhance the overall décor of your home exterior.

If you are lucky to have a front porch or veranda area, you can also create a sit out area, decorating same with vibrant plants and flowers.

Keep up Maintenance

Much attention is usually not paid to maintenance in general; especially when the property does not belong to us. It doesn’t end at putting in the initial effort as failing to keep up with a good maintenance culture makes nonsense of your earlier achievements.

Clean your windows regularly, recoat your paint where chipped, have a quick wash when needed, replace bad doorbells, trim plants and flowers when grown, fill in walkway/driveway cracks, etc. Keeping an eye out for the little things can make all the difference. The key is in not waiting until there is an issue before something is done!

Aim for Beautiful, In and Out!

Enhancing the exterior décor of your home instantly adds curb appeal and elevates the aesthetic and physical value of the home, overall; helping your home retain a fresh and renewed look. While at it, imbibe a good maintenance culture and you will be well on your way to creating a truly lasting impression on family, friends and guests always!

About Arteriors By Ella

Hi! I’m Stella, Director, Arteriors By Ella. I am an interior decorator by passion and a picture perfect planner & organizer. Arteriors By Ella is the vehicle through which I feed my penchant for delivering elegant, sophisticated and inspiring interiors with memorable experiences.

Arteriors By Ella is an Interior Design and Decoration outfit primarily focused on helping clients create lasting impressions in their home spaces. We aim to consistently deliver innovative and impactful interiors by infusing our touch of originality and innovation into every project, whilst upholding our commitment to quality operations and exceptional service to our clients.

Follow us on Instagram: @arteriorsbyella and Facebook: @ArteriorsbyElla

Contact us on 0803 305 2919 or [email protected].

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