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Arteriors : Home Makeover on a Budget

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Budget Friendly Makeover Ideas

Have you been planning a revamp of your space but concerned about the cost
implication? Do home makeover and/or renovation projects always mean

Can a space be transformed on a budget? If you have found yourself
wondering about these sort of questions, do not fret. Home makeovers can
absolutely be done with minimal cost. In this article, learn some ideas that will help
you upgrade your space without breaking the bank.

General: Declutter and Reorganize

Your budget friendly home revamp project should really begin with a decluttering
and reorganizing session as this task sets the tone for the rest of the job at hand.
Ensure items are in their right places with no mess littering corners. Clean out
cupboards and use storage boxes where necessary.

While at it, take off your hoarder cap and look through your belongings for unused items you can give away to charitable organizations. You also want to use this chance to reorganize your space by moving a few items around for a more optimal arrangement.

This could mean changing the layout of your furniture or rearranging décor items and

Living Room: Change Throw Pillow Covers

What about kicking your living room up a notch? Add color here by changing
your throw pillow covers or getting new ones entirely. When chosen correctly,
throw pillows complement sofas beautifully and are great accessories for that
effortless space revamp with tremendous cost benefits.

Use colors that stand out and add contrast. Also, choose shapes and textures that are both aesthetically appealing and functional in use.

Kitchen: Upgrade Cabinet Surfaces

Modern and stylish cabinets are a major face lift for kitchens and they could cost
a ton of money as well! You could however achieve an equally stunning
transformation by covering countertops and cabinet surfaces with less expensive
but quality materials capable of providing an overall refreshing look.

If your cabinets still look decent, you may decide to change the countertop completely,
especially when covering a small surface area. Otherwise, use aluminum
adhesive stickers on countertops, surfaces and even kitchen sink wall areas for a
renewed appeal.

Hallway: Create a Gallery Wall

Add a unique touch to your home by creating a gallery wall. I particularly love
galleries in the hallway or staircase area as they are a brilliant option for taking up
empty space and infusing depth and pattern on a large wall.

They also give the opportunity to showcase one’s likes and personality. Gallery walls can stand out in a variety of ways. Use favorite images such as photographs, artworks or
drawings to create a theme or pattern. You can also incorporate creativity by adding unusual pieces like vintage china.

Bedroom: Redo your Headboard

Give your bedroom a personal touch by re-covering your headboard.
Headboards create a chic and stylish focal point that enhances the overall look
of your bedroom. Fabric, leather or velvet material can be used depending on
your preference. You may also go for a tufted design for an extra charm.

Ready to Try?

There really are a lot of simple and fun yet affordable ways to elevate your home
styling. They also do not necessarily require too much effort to implement,
especially when you work with a professional.

Always ensure you start with decluttering as this will set the tone for a positive and transformative outcome.

All the best as you give these low cost home makeover ideas a try!

About Arteriors By Ella

Hi! I’m Stella, Director, Arteriors By Ella. I am an interior decorator by passion
and a picture perfect planner & organizer. Arteriors By Ella is the vehicle
through which I feed my penchant for delivering elegant, sophisticated and
inspiring interiors with memorable experiences.

Arteriors By Ella is an Interior Design and Decoration outfit primarily focused on
helping clients create lasting impressions in their home spaces. We aim to
consistently deliver innovative and impactful interiors by infusing our touch of
originality and innovation into every project, whilst upholding our commitment
to quality operations and exceptional service to our clients.

Follow us on Instagram: @arteriorsbyella and Facebook: @ArteriorsbyElla

Contact us on 0803 305 2919 or [email protected]

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