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Arteriors: Home Office Décor Ideas

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Creating a Home Office

Creating a home office space that not only elicits great productivity but also inspires topmost creativity does not have to be a daunting task.

You also do not require a dedicated room or a very large space to work out a beautifully designed home office.

Indeed, the very first tip to allowing your creativity run wild is to utilize the space you have and make the best of it, be it a whole room, a corner of your bedroom or living room or even the staircase area!

Pay close attention to your unique work conditions and work out your preferences in line with those.

Home Office Décor Tips

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Whether you love modern, chic, classy, cozy or a vintage look, here are some brilliant ideas to help you transform your work space and make it more fashionable, yet optimal.

  1. Bedroom Writing Desk: Where there are space constraints and you do not have a dedicated room or place, you can setup a small office at the corner of your bedroom. Use a stylish small writing desk – this could be mounted on the wall if you wish and accessorize with flowers, table lamp or books. Good news is your desk could also double as a nightstand or vanity when not in work mode.

2. Maximize Vertical Space: Vertical space and all relevant spaces around your home office should be put to good use in a neat and organized manner. Floating shelves and other hanging systems would come in handy here for files, books and office supplies. Again, accessorize with small, decorative accents or use wallpaper on the wall section to add more depth.

3. Personalize with Comfort: Personalize your space with your unique interests and hobbies. Are you an art or history enthusiast? Do you love travel adventures? Sports? Let your space reflect these memories and experiences. Make cozy with a sofa, throw pillows and lamp with a warm glow. The idea is to create perfect spots to help you take short mental breaks and relieve stress when necessary.

4. Add a Pop of Color: You want to ensure your home office isn’t a snooze? Light it up with a bold, bright color that works like an accent whilst other areas are kept minimalist. This does well to uplift the ambience and make it a warm, inviting space anyone would feel happy to work in.

5. Invest in storage: We must ensure a clutter free space always so as to avoid mess related stress. Use trays or baskets to keep your desks looking tidy. Alternatively, if you prefer nothing on your desk top, use drawers to store your everyday work tools and papers. Install wall mounts, pull out cabinets and any other storage piece that works well for your space. Be sure to make the most of your square footage by using your space efficiently.

The “You” Factor

You should design your home office with the most important person in mind.

In other words, your home office has to work for you! First, you need to answer questions such as ‘Are you able to take calls without distractions?’, ‘Would you need to host physical meetings occasionally?’, ‘Do you spend an extended period of time hunched over a computer screen?’ and then next is to infuse the extras that reflect your unique personality and you will well be on your way to coming up with a functional, yet stylish home office space.

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