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Arteriors: Organizing Your Pantry

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Pantry Rules

Use clear containers, store similar items in the same location, establish a first-in,
first-out approach while restocking to ensure older items are consumed before
the newer ones…You probably are already familiar with these basic rules for
pantry organization.

There is however a lot more to planning and maintaining a
neat, tidy and well-structured pantry as you would learn in this week’s article.
Dive in and let’s get decanting!

Containers as Clear as Day

Pantry organization 101 begins with using clear containers. This gives a spick and
span look and helps to ensure easy identification of foods plus an indication of
when to restock.

Decanting also keeps our food free from beetles and weevils.
Luckily, almost everything can be decanted – spices, cereal, sugar, flour, dried
fruits, nuts, etc. Invest in aesthetically pleasing and functional containers that are
practical, useful and efficient.

While at it, think about your preferred method for taking out an item from its container. You could scoop out with a measuring cup or pour out into a bowl. If the former works better for you, then use containers with a wide mouth.

A Method to the Organization

Institute a structure to organizing your pantry. Decide where and how you want
to group items. Yes, you should place similar items in the same location.

You should also consider how often you use each item and organize in a manner that
works best for you.

For example, you may store most used spices and cooking essentials in an easily accessible location while baking ingredients stay on upper tiers of the shelf. Be mindful of items that do not work well in the same space, e.g. placing bread on the same sill with spices. Again, remember to organize in a way that ensures older items get used first.

Space for Larger Items and Non Food

Dedicate an area in your pantry big enough to contain larger sized food and
non-food items. It is usually preferable to store wines at the bottom tier, closest to
the floor.

These areas are also useful for oil in gallons and kitchen bowls. For blenders, grinders and other kitchen appliances, find a separate sill for same. Where possible, install an electrical outlet to enable using these appliances in shelf.

Container – ID

Labelling your pantry containers and jars helps you know exactly what item you
are about to pick up. This is particularly useful in scenarios where you have multiple
types of the same product or products that look alike when decanted.

It is also important to label the bought or expiration date so as to keep a tab on the
products’ shelf lives. Some containers are bought with labels on them. For others,
you purchase the labels separately.

You may also decide to label yourself with a paper tape and marker. What is important is to have useful information on your jars at all times.

Keep it Going

Oh yes. You need to ensure your pantry stays organized by doing regular clean
up exercises. Having a routine for these sort of tasks helps you achieve your
objective without it seeming overwhelming after a while.

Weekly surface cleaning is useful for taking care of dust, debris and spills while more comprehensive cleanups can be done on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This will typically include, in addition to the cleaning, tossing out old or stale food and re-arranging items for
better and more efficient placements.

Organized Pantry – A Feast For The Eyes!

An organized pantry is truly a remarkable sight. There is great joy in seeing every item laid in its place! What with a coordinated and organized storage method, aesthetically pleasing decanting containers and a consistent clean up routine, your pantry and of course your kitchen would always look pristine!

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